Bijou Classics Song of the Loon

Cast: Brad Fredericks, Brad Della Valle, Michael Traxon, Lucky Manning, Jon Evans, John Drake, John Kalfas, Martin Valez, Lancer Ward, Morgan Royce, John Iverson, Robert Vilardi

This groundbreaking classic gay love story made in 1969 is based on Richard Amory’s best-selling trilogy and set in the American wilderness of 1870. Tame by today’s permissive standards, Song of the Loon nevertheless remains one of the few examples of a sincere, well-produced film about unashamed and unpossessive gay male love. It was a landmark and controversial film for its promotion of "free love" rather than for its male nudity and kissing.
Troubled by sexual conflicts and pursued by a vengeful preacher and a former lover, young Ephraim MacIver seeks and finds peace of mind with the help of a handsome cowboy and a wise Native American medicine man. Ephraim, a white man, has left his lover and taken up with a trapper, Cyrus. Ephraim wants to settle down to an outdoors life of bliss as the object of affection of only one man, but Cyrus knows that Ephraim isn’t dealing with his own, or his lover’s, emotions on a realistic level. He takes Ephraim to an old tribal Native American medicine man, who imparts the wisdom of the ages to the young blond buck (through words and hallucinogenic visions): Sex and love are not one and the same. Cyrus and Ephraim learn from the group of Native American men they encounter how to live in the wilderness, and how to love each other and their "brothers" openly and freely.

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