Link – part 2 Link

Release Year: 1999
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Billy Dare, Corey Jay, Frank Parker, Jared Wright, Mason Jarr, Tom Katt, Daryl Brock, Jack Steele, Cole Tucker, Christian Knight, Jake Andrews, Trenton Comeaux, Kyle McKenna, Jacob Scott, Tyson Cane, Peter Wilder, Zachery Scott, Paul Carrigan, Alex Stone,

As Link was All Worlds most successful film of 1998, it is no surprise that there should be a sequel. Shot on location in San Francisco’s notorious sex club Blow Buddies, Link 2 Link features 24 blue-ribbon sexpigs in six scenes of outrageous hedonism. Director Chi Chi LaRue’s vision of this teeming netherworld is realised again and again by videographer Bruce Cam, but never more so than in the opening as three long phallic flashlights slice through the shadowy confines of a seething backroom. There, Tom Katt, Zachery Scott and Christian Knight take turns demeaning Jared Wright, Trenton Comeaux and an insatiable newcomer Billy Dare. The action includes sucking, fucking, rimming and spanking; and everyone comes at least once. In the second sequence, Peter Wilder takes on three black men (Tyson Cane, Mitchell Stack, and K J Rogers) in and around a made-to-order jail cell. Wilder’s virtuoso performance as he sucks, drools, and eats ass is as depraved as any he has yet put to film as the trio take turns ravishing him to a series of potent money shots.The third skirmish is devoted almost exclusively to assplay in and around a sling. This display of anal acrobatics is driven by Cole Tucker and Jake Steele, who seem absolutely obsessed in their rough and tumble ravishing of Corey Jay and Jared Wright. Rimming and ass-eating are followed by vicious cram-fucking and the insertion of ever-larger dildos, heavy chains, and anal balls the size of oranges. The strangest vignette in the entire proceedings features Mason Jarr, Paul Carrigan, amd Mitch Sander. These three barechested men in tight jeans stand motionless, and each pisses his pants for the camera trained on them. Watching the dark moist spots spread over the faded denim is a weirdly arousing experience, and the subsequent jackoff is potent stuff too! The fifth episode, focusing on juice enemas and fucking, features J T Sloan, Jacob Scott, and Daryl Brock in topman roles, and Kyle McKenna, Mitch Sander, Maverick Reynolds, and Corey Jay as the willing receptacles. They spit and spray all over each other in the messiest scene of the show, and all deliver surprisingly potent money shots.After nearly two hours of relentless raunch, most of the cast assemble for a no-holds-barred finale that is highlighted by the deflowering of eternal topman, Daryl Brock. It is quite a sight, for he is as demanding a bottom as he is a top. The penetrator of choice is the versatile Jake Andrews, and his topman turn is all the more impressive when he quickly follows the stint by bottoming in a sensational squat fuck for Jared Wright. Don’t expect a smidgen of romance in Link 2 Link, but if you are looking to watch someone else act out filthy fantasies that you most likely will not dare to do yourself, then this dvd is for you!

Format: avi
Duration: 2:05:34
Video: 352×240, DivX 5, 762kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 824.0 MB

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