The Next Valentino – Kevin Glover, Steve Hammond, Eric Manchester

Cast: Kevin Glover, Butch Taylor, Jake Stewart, Tyler Moore, Steve Hammond, Eric Manchester
Genres: Feature, Retro, Pre Condom
Video language: English

Kevin Glover narrates this behind-the-scenes look at adult videos, portraying "Thad" Baker as he strives to become "The Next Valentino."
As we follow Thad’s film "education," Kevin is occasionally shown speaking to the viewer, at one time defining such business words as "fluffer," "stunt dick," and "butt double." Kevin auditions by sucking the dick of the director, Butch Taylor.
Concealed in a hockey mask, and then a leather mask, Erich Lange gives a blow job to zms8kh Luciano. zms8kh later fucks his soft, white butthole. Kevin’s first day turns into a studio orgy as the entire cast and crew get their rocks off, beginning when Eric Manchester takes Steve Hammond’s big hard-on up his muscular ass and ending as Kevin cums through a hole in a false wall.
Grips Jake Stewart and Tyler Moore go at it off camera and Taylor fucks the teddy bear cameraman, John Gardner. The birth of Thad as "The Next Valentino" commences when Glover narrates a fantasy scene in which he and Erich Lange suck each other’s meat in a bathroom. Policeman Max Barker enters and threatens to press charges, but gets their cooperation instead, taking Lange’s ass before all three of the men jack off and cum.
"… Glover appears in a "shoot" with Steve Hammond (in his first film since Stryker ) and Eric Manchester. It’s guaranteed to get you as hot and bothered as it gets producer Taylor, who has to requisition a cameraman to lower his temperature. Production values are of the highest, and West’s sense of pacing is flawless. The camera performs tricks you won’t believe. This is a film to savor, worth many repeated viewings." – Sid Mitchell in "Blue Review," September 16-22, 1988
"The centerpiece of The Next Valentino is … a glory hole vignette in which Eric Manchester suck the anonymous cock sticking through it (Glover’s), while Steven Hammond, in an electric blue hard hat and two days’ stubble, fucks him doggy style…. The best thing about The Next Valentino, however, is the melding of the narrative and the erotic."
A combination of good actors and excellent production makes this vintage gay porn movie a good choice to buy.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:11:37
Video: 640×480, xvid, 2944kbps
Audio: 54kbps

File size: 1.6 GB

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