The Attack Part 2. Ever get fucked prior to? (2012)

Release Year: 2012
Cast: Dima, Vadim
Categories: Fetish

Dragged to the interrogation space, showered, removed and after that chained to a gynecological chair. Very first embarrassed by an anal-speculum and lastly fucked in this defenseless position. Vadim gets an excellent lesson!
Jurek drags his detainee straight to the interrogation space. He presses him down to the ground right under the shower. The connected man attempts to object and to get up however the water currently began to run. The slippy ground and his connected hands make it difficult for him to stand. Jurek truly wishes to embarrass this man. Whenever he attempts to stand he presses him down. Now as Vadim is entirely damp Jurek begins to dupe the clothing of the little stone-thrower.
Fist the t-shirt, then the trousers and the socks. He kicks the defenseless young boy while he takes pleasure in to completely remove him. Then he gets him and presses him onto a gynecological chair. Vadim battles and swears however the strong soldier quickly manages all the relocations. He chains him to the chair and considering that the young boy still struggles he repairs the legs with duct-tape. “Stop talking, bitch!” however Vadim didn’t comply. So Jurek likewise needed to gag him with some tape.
Vadim is now entirely defenseless. Connected to the chair and nearly entirely naked he is provided to the ill phantasies of a disappointed soldier. Jurek dupes the underpants to analyze his slaveґs rectum. He puts an anal-speculum deep inside the cherry. Vadim nearly flip out from this embarrassment. The he begins to fuck him with his speculum. And lastly he goes out his huge dick. “Ever get fucked prior to?”

Format: Windows Media
Period: 14: 50
Video: 1280 x720, Windows Media Video 9, 3970 kbps
Audio: 125 kbps

Submit size: 443.8 MB

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