The Abduction series, part 2 The Conflict

Release Year: 2005
Studio: Falcon
Cast: Zak Spears, Jesse Tyler, Jake Andrews, Chance Caldwell, Randall Maxxon, Tom Katt, Trent Reed, Chuck Barron, Michael D’Amours, Ray Butler, Greg Ross, Brad Stone, Joe Magnum, Ty Russell, Bo Summers, Rob Cryston, Max Holden, Scott Davis, Grant King, Shawn Jus

An absolute must see! Horny buff hot and sweaty action, superseding the original Abduction series. Very little vanilla action, A magnificent Falcon classic.
Featuring almost every major porn star of the day, this is deservedly one of Falcon’s all-time best-sellers. Carrying on where The Abduction left off, this is a superb example of gay porn at its best. Just make sure you have plenty of Kleenex to hand!
The opening kitchen sequence is incredibly horny, with 2 built, big-cocked guys making themselves on one of their colleagues. Fantastic suck and fuck action over a kitchen table ends with a leather harness-clad soldier interrupting the fun and marching the prisoners away from their fun. The guy being fucked ends up chained up in a cellar being spanked by soldier boy – a still of which scene features on the cover of the disc.
The tied-up spanking theme continues with a shot of a few guys being verbally and physically abused by their leather-clad captives – each of them wearing a harness and little else.
An unusual and extremely horny enema scene sees several gallons of water being poured up a cute guy’s ass, before he is made to piss it out of his tight hole while a leather-hooded slave looks on.
We switch to a tender lovemaking scene between 2 handsome, dark-haired prisoners in a dormitory-style cell – each of them showing obvious relish at being able to carry out their wishes outside the prying eyes of the guards. Despite being the most vanilla of the scenes here, I find this one of the most erotic and hardon-inducing.
An incredible scene next, with a “slave” on all fours on a table having a humungous dildo inserted into his super-accommodating arse. This is followed by a set of anal balls the size of apples and then the inserters fingers, fist and forearm. Definitely not for the squeamish!
We end with a couple of super horny twinkish soldiers (one blond, one light brown-haired) fucking each other over a desk in their military base, while they prepare to go on a mission to rescue the captured guys.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:18:34
Video: 544×416, XviD, 2238kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

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