Superstuds – Hazardous Water

Studio: Can-Am
Video language: English

Excessive and below-the-belt dick drawing comics fetish incredibly hero pro-wrestling celebration and chains action addicts … buckle up for Superstuds: Hazardous Water … ‘trigger you ‘re gon na get damp and like it.

When Employer Sexton asked me to compose an evaluation for … Hazardous Water, he included “” You ‘ll love this.”” It me to confess flat out that he was right. I fucking love this real schlock comic video insanity. THE HEROES – 6 overall in 3 captured-bondage-&&- celebration sections. The credits do n`t compare the stars ‘names and deals with, however Jobe Zander, Kash Fatal, David Taylor, Rusty Stevens, Vince Ferelli, Rod Daily, and Patrick Bateman all should have reference. The plot thickens as the 3 hero sets are surprise recorded while discreetly accessing the secret hideout of incredibly villian Ming the Unforgiving. The Villian – Jobe Zander welcomes you to dislike him. However he’s so over the top that you forgive and like him due to the fact that Ming treats his good-looking hero hostages really really terribly. He zaps them into. And they get up spending time in really experienced and really fancy fetish chains. Then MM controls, mauls and manhandles, pec pounds and gut punches, questions, electro zaps, embarrasses, fallatio and completely sexploits his 6 captive incredibly heroes … an excellent position of sexual power and control.

The Hazardous Water Scene. My preferred for the excessively garish really gruesome and concept-sickness of the scene. The 6 superhero stud hunks … are rounded up together … and restrained side by side in some sort of big insane center bathroom. Constantly completely black rubber uniform and rubber helmet, Ming … one by one … switches on the scalding freezing electro charged poisonous waters and gases. Now the heroes truly suffer for you … long, loud and marvelously … attempting to prevent the excruciating poisonous water. The noises and suffering hero visuals develop into a very first class comics (continued next week) cliff wall mount. Completion. Rewind. Enjoy it once again. Ron Sexton and Chad Donovan directed this intriguing fetish farse. Pay notification to what you generally do n`t notification … really good camerawork and modifying from Tony Biscotti. Ok. Bottom line. Superstuds: Hazardous Water … is among the very best tongue-in-cheek incredibly hero comics jack-off actioners I’ve seen. It’s smarter than it initially appears. And funnier than you enable yourself to take pleasure in. You can like it without disliking yourself in the early morning. Do it. Get it. -DaddyZeus

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Period: 43: 42
Video: 464 x256, AVC (H.264)

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