Str8crushfeet – Joeng Pack Under My Ass and Feet

A random visit from Joeng ends in an explosion between his toes in the vicinity of my house. The girl’s parents didn’t let him
napping with her on their house, so he showed up unannounced outside my door.
I like that attitude and that overconfidence that Joeng has with me.
He feels that my house is his house and he is that kind of friend, who eats your food and he uses your things without warning, perhaps in others that attitude could seemed annoying to me. But Joeng is so cute that you just can’t be mad with him, can you?
In addition, he looks strangely cute dressed in a formal way, it is not something common in him since it fits more with the concept of a bad, street and problematic boy.
I have saved him from trouble more than once and that is why, despite being a foot fetishist with submissive complexes, he respects me (Except when he excessively, he becomes more randomly rude at the point he don’t notice he is being rough ) but in general when he is sober our relationship is that of normal friends, only that he always makes his superiority clear when I share with him and other people. (things like putting his feet up on my back to play video games when we are in a group, or sending me to cook for him or do things for him to which I only know how to say “Yes” without thinking about it) . My relationship with Joeng is similar to the one I have with Kent, but kent is somewhat more tender and open, Joeng is more dominant and closed.
I ask him to massage his feet and to my surprise they smell very different!
Inside, his shoes were very hot, in fact the excess sweat even It can be seen when I focus the inside of the shoe with the camera…
But his feet smelled mesmerizingly sweet, the material of the shoe blending perfectly with his natural musk, making the end result something like a masculine perfume. I’m not exaggerating, the smell is addictive and very sexy, even Joeng smells his own shoe and recognizes for the first time that the smell is really nice. I dedicate myself to sniffing and licking a bit of the sweat from his tasty black socks
Joeng places his foot in front of the camera lens and at times the lens’s HD focus manages to capture his foot with absolute clarity, allowing even his toes to show through the fabric of his socks. I decide to take off his socks and the focus does its thing again, showing Joeng’s delicious feet with long and plump toes in all their splendor.
Then he decides to sit on me using my stomach with a pillow to make his throne and place his long skinny feet on my face, rubbing them and making me lick them in a position of complete submission towards him, it is at these moments that Joeng stops being my friend and becomes my master.
Tired of playing, we lay down to rest and relax by watching netflix.
We usually rest upside down so his feet are always facing my face, and he makes me massage them until he falls resting. But today Joeng is a little… naughty and starts playing with my penis using his thin plump toes, I can’t resist the temptation and a somewhat nervous erection appears in response to his game, without realizing it my penis ends up between Joeng’s delicious toes about from being milked… there is no turning back, his feet drive me crazy and I am about to explode….

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Duration: 41:50
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Audio: 185kbps

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