Skybo – Winter Dreams

A cold and cloudy afternoon, no action whatsoever in the region. Denny and his friends Dennis and Florin are bored to . They take a walk and push each other a bit around on the snowy road. But then it seems the afternoon will turn out to become cool. Denny has spotted Felix, and at the same moment Felix realises who will cross his way. He does not want to meet the three, the experience in the bar was enough. He turns around runs. But this is the perfect invitation for the three athletes. They go after him and relatively quickly they catch him. Three musled alpha-men and the weakling Felix, looks like a bit of a unmatched get together. Denny doesn’t lose time and immediately starts torturing Felix, he rips of his own shirts and pullovers and pushes Felix to lick his mucles, but as well his sneakers. Denny places some snow on his biceps and Felix shall lick it from there. After a few more humiliations, they decide to take Felix with them. The drive up to the gym room and push Felix in. Dennis immediately goes after him and Felix finds himself on the mat in few seconds. Then Denny wants to entertain his friends with a fight against Felix. Not that Felix would want to do that, but he gets pushed. Denny enjoys to show off in front of his followers. He humiliates Felix with his Headscissors and some Foot Domination, placing his sneaker on Felix face and spitting down on him. Denny and Florin as well spit on their new slave. Felix has to endure a lot today. He soon ends up as footslave, licking the sneakers of three dominators, sniffing three pairs of sox and sucking 6 feet. Finally Florin grabs the whimp and makes him lick his pec muscles, biceps and armpits, a service Dennis can’t resist to enjoy as well. This is pure domination, three strong and muscled sadists with nasty ideas and the weakling Felix. They kick him out at the end, let him go home, and make him leave into the winter night, but his shirts and pullover stays there.

Format: mp4
Duration: 52:37
Video: 704×576, MP4V, 3011kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

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