Skybo – Daniel’s Toy (Adult version) – Daniel vs Joschi

Daniel and Joschi entering the hotel room. They got to know each other and Joschi thought, they will just have a good time together now. But Daniel has another plan. Just arrived in the room, he attacks his guest. Joschi fights back. Daniel knows the skinny boy has no chance against his power. He grabs Joschi in a serious headlock, leading him to the couch and slamming him down there, to place himself on top of the boy, kneeling on him. Choke holds and pins should make the boy obey, but Joschi fights back. He rips off his pullover to show what he has. Daniel gets rid of his pullover too and pushes Joschi back on the couch pinning him. Joschi tries to kick Daniel – big mistake boy. Now Daniel uses his feet too. He kicks his guest into the abs and places his sneaker on Joschis skinny chest to squash him. Joschi is impressed but still shows signs of figthing back. Daniel position the boy on the couch the way he can show his dominance, standing on the couch, pulling Joschis face into his bulge and squashing him further with his sneakers and choking him by standing on throat. Daniel demonstrates his power by smashing two apples and dishing the juice out to Joschis face. Joschi gets slowly what he is in here. They do some armwrestling. Joschis biceps is nice for such a skinny boy, but no match to Daniels guns. The size difference is huge, Daniel plays with his guest and lets disappear any doubts on who is ruling here. He orders Joschi to take off his shoes and sox, and he obeys. Daniel shows off his muscles and orders Joschi to rip off the pants now. Joschi refuses and gets punishment for it. The action goes on now on the bed. Daniel pulls Joschi locked up in a nasty headlock over to the mattress and orders him to take shoes and sox off, which he does. Now Daniel applies a series of submission holds to break the boy. He takes Joschis head between his muscled thighs and starts to squeeze. Poor Joschi, he is done now. Some nice pincs, slapping in the face and few nice punches and the boy ermerges to be Daniels toy. Daniel position Joschi at the edge of the mattress and settles down on the boys throat and face, no more fighting back. Daniel humiliates his new toy as he likes, smothering Joschi extensively. It was a sweaty encounter, and now it is shower time.

Format: mp4
Duration: 43:56
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 5840kbps
Audio: 158kbps

File size: 1.9 GB

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