Sebastian Keys gets his ass stretched and pissed on in a public bar.

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Kink: Bound In Public
Cast: Mike Martin, Van Darkholme, Sebastian Keys, Robert Axel

Muscle god Robert Axel takes Sebastian into the local bar. They are getting hot and heavy in public and the crowd wants to see more. Robert orders a couple of dudes to take off Sebastian’s clothes. Before you know it, everyone joins in for the feeding frenzy. Sebastian is made to suck all the cocks and one dude tries to shove a fist up the boy’s ass. Sebastian manages a bottle up his ass and the crowd goes wild. They take him out into the patio and give him a nice public flogging. Everyone takes turns fucking him. They toss him into the water fountain and piss all over the poor boy. Well, not so poor; Sebastian is in heaven.

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