Ringleader – Behind the Scenes

Release Year: 2008
Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures – Pink Bird Media

Gay porn loves wrestling, but it rarely does it well. Anyone who has ever suffered through a porno in which delicate, artificial-looking porn stars take a miserable stab at grappling as foreplay can appreciate the collision of worlds that occurs in Ringleader: Take eight of producer Dink Flamingo’s stunning Active Duty amateur military studs and put hot mainstream gay porn director Jett Blakk in charge of pulling the strings. The result is about as convincing as wrestling-themed porn is going to get, thanks to Dink Flamingo’s young bucks, who all look like they could handle themselves in a street fight. It’s the first time Dirty Bird Pictures has pulled an entire cast from the Active Duty roster, and you know you want to see each and every one of them free-balling in clingy amateur wrestling singlets.
The plot centers on the key players in a low-rent wrestling ring led by the cocky and buff King B, portrayed by Brock, who sports big guns and colorful tattoos. The opening action is a stroll down memory lane with blond jock dream Kaden and smoldering brunet Kasey, who take us on a flashback to their high school wrestling days. "Remember what we used to do after wrestling practice?" Kasey asks. Clad in purple and gray singlets, the two clash until Kaden gets pinned, and Kasey straddles his face and takes the victor’s spoils. The best part is sidesaddle fucking on the wrestling mat.
Next, blond Reese is outgunned by bigger Brock, who taps the blond with much trash-talking along the way. The parade of blond beauties continues with "Spastic Chaz" taking on hunky Cole, who is amazing in a bright-red singlet, and the best fucking arguably comes here with Chaz facedown on the wrestling mat. In the big finale, corrupt ringleader Brock, who is in the business of whoring out his wrestlers, gets his comeuppance as Kasey, Spencer and Domenic tag team his pretty ass. The movie fires on all cylinders as the cocky stud gets used and abused.
The only real quibble with this movie is that, apart from the Cole and Chaz scene, the fucking rarely reaches the intensity you’d expect, especially given the ass-poundings that are typical of the Active Duty movies. Nevertheless, it’s got to be a contender for the best wrestling-themed porno to date.
The dvd treatment of Ringleader, which includes two discs, is the best I have encountered for any porn movie. A feature-length commentary includes Blakk, Flamingo and some of the cast, and it’s entertaining, especially if you have an interest in Active Duty, Blakk or the wrestling theme. The conversation reveals that the idea for the plot came from one of the cast member’s experiences with people involved in a small-time wrestling circuit.
The bonus disc contains extensive wrestling footage that was trimmed from each scene, and a lot of it is hotter than what made the final cut – in fact, it could almost stand alone as a specialty release. On top of that, there’s almost an hour of behind-the-scenes footage. Active Duty fanatics will particularly enjoy the humorous antics at a party at Dink’s place, and there’s some excellent attention to Brock stuffed into the blue Speedo-style trunks seen in the opening credits sequence.

Format: avi
Duration: 53:41
Video: 720×544, XviD, 1663kbps
Audio: 31kbps

File size: 698.7 MB

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