Public Meat + Bonus

Cast: Kai Davis, Gabriel Fisk, Lincoln Gates, Bruce Jordan, Don Kristian, Harry Lee, Antonio Miracle, DoubleM, Max Lohrenz, Freddy Miller, Sam Porter, Wolf Rayet, Adam Russo, Champ Robinson, Sebastian Slater, Alexx Stier, Toffic, Vlad, Alexx Desley, CutlerX, Jo
Genres: Daddies, Hairy Men, Big Dicks, Oral, Anal, Bareback, Toilet, Gang Bang, Cum
Video language: English

Scene 1: toilet fuck
a public toilet is a perfect place for fucking when you’re an insatiable bottom. The sex-crazed swedish hole toffic gets pounded and pumped by cutlerx. Cutlerx is famous as a world-class hole-stretching top, and he root-rams his thick tool ruthlessly into the other man’s tender butt-bud. Cutlerx is damned good at the fine art of hole-wrecking, and he leaves toffic gasping for air and grinning from ear to ear. Limping off and leaking sperm from his gaping hole, toffic feels his abdomen carefully and whimpers “nothing’s where it used to be!”

Scene 2: freddy gangbang
freddy wanted to find out what happens when he really lets himself go. We lined up ten studs, not one cock less than 8 inches. We threw them all into a bunker below the streets of london with solid concrete walls where nobody can hear you scream. Well, they make them tough in the north so there was no screaming, but there was lots of relentless manfucking.

Scene 3: basement champ
basement champ was shot deep in the darkest depths of london’s dungeons — completely in the dark with enhanced night vision. Wolf rayet managed to use his primal powers to hunt down the biggest dicks in the room, turning this sex-dungeon into a steamy game of “fuck wolf”. After a truly brutal fuck, champ dumps his heavy load deep inside wolf, and alexx stier dives in, guided by the smell of cum, and laps up every last drop.

Scene 4: boiler room fuck
there must be something about crumbling brick and urban decay that gets men so fucking horny. The grit brings on a primal urgency that no man can resist. Sam porter gives lincoln gates a thorough shafting in every room in the cellar. He winds up by finally fucking the cum out of the bottom’s hole on what was once probably the servants’ table. Sam then shows gates that service ain’t over until a man has finished his duties.

Scene 5: backstreet bar fuck
london is rife with subterranean dick-dens: maybe a bar with the windows blacked out, or some dark stairs running down into a secret club, rich with the male stench of sweat and poppers – – an irresistible combination for any animal that has balls for a brain. Our man wolf rayet, the chosen sex-victim of this video, sucks and fucks in full view of a roomful of sotted sods eager for a live show.

Scene 6: blackout at the bunker
the wolf rayet goes hunting in total darkness again. This time he meets up with adam russo and tim exclusive vlad. Vlad is a full-fledged demonic fucker and comes equipped to impale any willing man. We shot completely in night-vision so as to capture the real action in darkness.

Bonus: rough face fuck
introducing vlad, tim london’s newest exclusive, in a 20 minute skull fucking scene worthy of being the pre-release scene for our latest fuck movie! Our favorite uk cock gobbler bruce thinks he has no gag reflex. But once vlad’s massive cock is lodged deep in his throat, pounding his face-hole mercilessly, bruce finally realizes he’s met his match. As a bonus, kai davis brings his five-day-load to the party, and both tops paint bruce’s submissive face with their copious seed.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:02:49
Video: 960×540, AVC (H.264), 2441kbps
Audio: 161kbps

File size: 2.3 GB

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