Power Boys vol.2

Release Year: 2000
Studio: S.E.V.P.
Cast: Willy, Alex, Ivo, Georg, Kasparo, Leev, Rave, Alexandor, Roman, Luise
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Big Dicks, Cumshots, Oral, Twinks

If the stunning Power Boys gave you a powerful boner, then this cum-drenched follow-up will keep your naughty parts firmly engorged. As in Power Boys, not everyone here uses a condom (!), And just about everyone gets a salty taste of boy juice.
We open as two cute Euro twinks are roaming through the chilly midnight woods, and before you can say Blair Witch Project, they’re both kneeling and pulling on each other’s taffy with their mouths. Seeking warmth, they head back to a nearby pad for a lil ‘choke-and-poke at the bottom of a step well. By now, both boys have sprouted full impressive bones, and the brute plows the blonde rigorously.
Despite some unsteady, roving camerawork and a noticeable color-balancing problem (flesh tones are shocking pink in quite a few shots), the boys generate some serious heat, culminating in a thick gooey slo-mo cumshot aimed right between the blonde’s open lips. With gobs of cum oozing off the blonde’s mouth and chin, he makes out with the brute spurter.
Next, we spy on a lonesome Latino video stock boy as he’s roaming the porno shelves of the warehouse. As he’s sampling various butt apparatuses, in walks a blonde hottie who immediately unzips and feeds his ween to Stock Boy. Blonde Boy tries to chug on Stock Boy’s thick, curvy tool, but can’t seem to cram more than just the plump head into his mouth. Stock Boy then wraps his willy in latex and plows Blonde Boy hard as Blonde Boy gazes longingly into the camera lens, chewing on his shirt to help absorb the pain. They both end up getting a salty taste of each other’s pearly ejaculate.
Next, we’re in a sauna bath for a sticky suck-and-fuck threesome that ends with each participant launching a creamy load on the other two guys’ heads. Since nobody’s sweating very much, I assume the heat in the sauna wasn’t actually turned on.
Next, we spy on a dark-haired muscle twink as he’s whacking off to what appears to be a home furnishings magazine. (Martha Stewart would be so thrilled.) As he unzips his jeans, gives his naughty parts a rubdown and humps his stylish sofa, in pops yet another tasty blonde twink who soon pops his rigid bone deep into Sofa Boy’s tight ass, sans latex! As Blonde Boy humps and pumps Sofa Boy’s raw hole, we catch a few shadows of crew members as they shift in front of a lighting rig. (Duh!) But this distraction is instantly overshadowed by a thick, gushy facial: Sofa Boy launches a powerful spurt of cream smack into Blonde Boy’s ready face, leaving him with pearly gobs of cum dripping from his eye lashes, eyebrows and nose.
Finally, two buff stud jocks engage in a heated sixty-nine at the top of a parquet staircase. After some sucking and rimming, the scruffy jock rides the smooth jock’s juicy cock (with a rubber this time), and as he’s bouncing up and down, his own stiff dong wildly flops up and down and all around. The sweaty fucking climaxes in yet another delicious facial.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:27:20
Video: 416×312, DivX 5, 1265kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 896.9 MB

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