MuscleMatt Part 20 A Ride in the Boss’s Limo

Release Year: 2017
Studio: MuscleMatt
Video language: English

Scene 1: A Ride in The Boss’s Limo: As single young horny guys, all pumped from the gym and raging with swirling testosterone we were on a mission for service! A while back, a buddy of Carlo’s, another muscle dude on the down low, told him about Brandon. Brandon loves to service and loves straight muscle cum. We got his number and asked him if he would be into servicing us and letting us film. He said if that was the only way to get our cocks he would. But, he had NO Car. So, in the spirit of doing something different we decided to send him a limo, and bring him to a construction site for service. However, on his way he had to blindfold himself so he could not see where it was.

Brandon enters the room blindfolded and was lead to where I was standing. The blindfold came off and Brandon immediately went down. Licking and worshipping my chest, nipples and abs. It was not long before he pulled my sweat pants down to get hit in the face with my 8-inch hard-on. We than moved to a ladder that was in this room, the blow job and deep throat continued with me standing and sitting until I had Brandon open wide to feed him him a famous MuscleMatt cum shot.

The Boss wastes no time taking charge as usual. He grabs Brandon, and pulls him to his chest to make him kiss and worship his pecs and biceps. Brandon kisses his way down Carlo’s ripped abs and goes for his thick meat. On the ladder, Brandon services Carlo sucking hard and long on his fat Italian cock. Carlo pushes Brandon’s head down on his cock as he shows the camera Carlo’s thick pre-cum on his tongue. Then, when Carlo says its cool, Brandon backs off, opens his mouth and swallows a thick creamy Body Boss load.

Scene 2: "The Call": The Call; now a famous scene; there is a health food store near the gym. Sometimes before and after a workout Carlo and I would go in to buy supplements or a protein shake. Jimmy, the kid that works there has always been, let’s say, especially friendly to both of us. Carlo always said, "I bet that dude would go down on both of us".

One night after the gym, Carlo and I were looking for trouble. So, with the limo, the camera, plenty of film and a full battery we went looking. Just before 9pm Carlo throw me the cell phone and said, call the dude at the Health Food store, tell him who you are and tell him that we know what he wants and to meet us. I made "The Call". See how this entire hook up takes place from the back of the limo on a cell phone. We had Jimmy meet us at a location and come to the car to discuss some muscle service. We told him if he wanted both our loads, we had to film it. His only request was that his identity be hidden.

So up to the hotel room we went. We asked Jimmy what he liked, what he was into and found out that not only was he into healthy cum from a muscle dude, he had a serious foot fetish and confessed that among other things he fantasized about worshipping our feet.

Carlo First: Jimmy does the right thing when he meets with Carlo and gets down on his knees to kiss The Boss’s hand. After taking Carlo’s Nike Air Sneakers off and smelling his feet and licking his toes, Carlo made his hard fat cock down Jimmy’s throat. As usual, Carlo was aggressive saying things like "Suck My Fucking Dick!" power fucking Jimmy’s face against the bed. When Carlo was ready to shoot, he laid back while Jimmy deep throated his dick and took the load like a man!

Muscle Matt Martini: The Muscle Matt Martini or the "MattTini" was a long discussion among DVD Collectors. Members thought it would be hot for me to cum in a Martini glass and make him down a hot healthy load right from my balls.

That is exactly what Jimmy did after first, laying me down, taking off my sneakers, licking, and smelling my feet. Jimmy was working my massive raging hard-on as I sat up on my knees on the bed. Just as I was ready to cum, I pulled out and shot a huge MuscleMatt load into the Martini glass. The glass filled with my jizz, and when I squeezed every last drop, I handed the glass to Jimmy, still blindfolded, and served up the Muscle Matt Martini still warm from my balls.

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Duration: 57:47
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