Musclematt #108 – Matt & Brad Underground Episode 1

Making it Official: The Underground, a Live show that takes place from Matt’s personal basement. Matt and Brad have done live shows and private live shows before but #108 was the official first episode of the Underground.

Intense Energy, Real & Live!: The guys were on their own this night and on point! I was not there to coach, direct or instigate, with these live shows I leave that up to you! This was opening night to a packed house and the guys were pumped up! The pre-show chat (free) was great as they interact with fans they have only been seeing their username for years; now get to meet with them via our live theaters. With in had, a toast to everyone the pre-show chat ended and the show began. One by one members agreed to the show terms and began to file in the room. The bells you hear are members entering the show, it sounded like Christmas! They energy was off the hook and both Matt and Brad just went with it.

Exit Poles, Reviews and RDA’s: The guys did an awesome job, these 2 are the best!! The post show reviews left by show goers and emails to me where nothing but praises, The RDA (Red Door Awards) for their performance were generous. The only complaint was their wasn’t another show sooner. Lots of interaction between Matt and Brad, lots of mutual muscle worship and service and each shot a very big load which was the result of the intense chemistry between both of them and the members. Ego boosts and tips, were flying and members got in the game calling our plays as they went along. Fun for all, a good time and nothing like it anywhere. This is what the community I built is all about.

You Determine What’s Next: If the turn out remains strong, there will be more of these. Check live encores (Category Live Events) or see the “What’s New Page” for all recent releases. Make sure you join “Boss Social” (new) so you can get real time news, updates and special offers.

Format: mp4
Duration: 44:33
Video: 1672×928, AVC (H.264), 2887kbps
Audio: 130kbps

File size: 986.4 MB

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