Muscle Matt #98 Brad Feeds Keith

M other Nature, another Crew Member: She shows up sometimes and has caused some challenges over the years. We have shot in blizzards, blistering heat, freezing cold and major thunderstorms. If I had to choose 2 of my favorite that has been released so far are the blizzard during Christmas Wish 2013 and the 100 degree temperatures that set off a thunder and lighting storm in this film. Both turned out memorable not only for the extreme weather we had to work around but both produced great films and some awesome still shots. Brad happen to be in both films and was a trooper through both! Checkout Brad’s photo album and movie resume!

Make Lemonade: The lightening took out the power in the entire area. We had no idea when or if it would come back soon. By now you know my style, always filming exactly as happening so that you can experience it with us. The power was out, candles were lit and I liked the mood so I went with it! By the time the power came back on we already started and to fire up all the lights, especially in that heat would have made it just another shoot; this one happened as it happened and we rolled. Everything just created a very erotic interesting mood in the room and the shoot was a success in spite of the curve balls m other nature threw us again. A great film, real, raw, unscripted and shot as it happened where it happened, #98, done in true Muscle Mafia style was a success and one of the favorites to shoot for all of us.

The Sounds and The Secrets…If you can put up with the sound of the fans, and like a very erotic, shadowy, dark (as in seductive) almost in secret, you will love the feel this film brings; everything I believe happens for the best and this did.

Cock Sucking and Ass Eating: Brad was looking awesome in this film and after about 2 hours shooting, power on, power off and a room cooled only by a couple fans Brad was ready for some relaxation. #98 Blackout Blow Job, Brad Feeds Keith is appropriately named. Keith you will remember from #76 Kyle Worshipped and Seduced, #78 Cock Sucker Academy 3 and #91 Bar Top Blow Job with Matt.

Brad had Keith literally up his ass and eating out of his hand. Keith sucked and deep throated Brad’s 9×7 monster cock and had his tongue all over Brad’s balls and up Brad’s ass. When Brad was ready to feed Keith his load, he wanted you all to see his cum shot, so he busted off into his own hand. With a palm full of thick muscle cum Brad made Keith eat it right out of his hand.

Note: Later that night, Matt came to the shoot location. He and Brad did some shots together and both took advantage of the erotic atmosphere created with the fans and candles. A second film was shot this hot, sticky and stormy summer day and will be a future release. If opt’d into our mailing list you will be notified of that release and all the others set for release.

Format: mov (QuickTime)
Duration: 29:46
Video: 640×358, AVC (H.264), 1470kbps
Audio: 109kbps

File size: 346.4 MB

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