Muscle Domination Wrestling – S11E05

Swelteringly hot Matt Thrasher, comes home to find the usually submissive twink boy Theo Devair using his warm-up weights. Theo, feeling frisky today, behaves indignantly towards , Thrasher to teach him a lesson. Matt pulls Theo over his knee and reddens the disrespectful twink’s pale ass. Thrasher mounts Theo, taking a brief pause from the lesson in respect to strip his shirt off and flex. Theo immediately cups a handful of furry pecs, but for Thrasher, this is about teaching the lesson to a punk twink to respect . Pulling his belt off, letting his pants fall, and remounting Theo, Matt shoves his jock covered cock in Devair’s face whispering in a raspy baritone, "That’s what a real man feels like, that’s what a real man smells like." Thrasher turns Theo over, resumes spanking him, then mounts him from behind and takes what is his, grinding his cock into Theo’s ass. Devair learns his place really quickly underneath his dominant . Thrasher sits him to his knees and whips out his cock; Theo gets to work. "You want it?" asks after pulling his cock out of Theo’s throat. "Say it, say it. give it to me , say it." Without any resistance the young twink obliges his and gets back to sucking down cock. Matt starts to moan in pleasure as he throat fucks young Theo. "Show me some respect, take it all" grunts Thrasher, whilst plunging his cock all the way down the twink’s throat.

While being sucked, shows off more manliness, hitting hot poses, muscles and cock pumped. Thrasher pins Theo down to the mat and smothers him with sweaty cock and balls. After he has his fill, Devair is stripped out of his black leather chained thong because wants that ass. Aggressively saddling the twink, makes one thing clear, "That ass is mine, say it, I don’t have to ask for what I want, I take it"

"My ass is yours" Theo cries while being thrusted and spanked from behind. Thrasher grinds on the punk twink, then hoists him into a reverse bearhug. Theo is hugely sprung as his back is stretched out and squeezed; dominant attitude, a clear turn on for the submissive bitch boy. starts dispensing cock and retracting it away from the young twink, teaching Theo to want it and beg for it, as he gets slapped across the face and ball and throat squeezed. Twink Devair, tries to seduce Thrasher and take his cock, but Matt remains in control, and turns Theo around in a one armed sleeper, as if to say, this is how I want it, this is how I am going to take it. Take it he does, placing Theo in a cock against ass full nelson and slamming him to the ground where he slaps his cock into Theo’s ass. Flipping his twink over, demands to see "that boy cock" which "is nothing like a real man’s cock" as he strokes the two dicks together, sending pre-cum out of the cock of Devair, whose pleasure is cut short by a painful ball grab. Thrasher is rock hard, finding a home for his raging erection in the ass of twink boy Devair.

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