Jocks Video – Background (1992)

1. Marc Saber, Chip Daniels, Scott Bond
Marc Saber and Chip Daniels figure out to pay an abrupt vist to their country buddy Scott Bond … who invites them with open arms and a throbbing dick. Marc swallows Scotts cock whereas Chip rims Marc’s space … changing from cock-sucking to ass-munching as their mood strikes them. Scott starts to plead for a cock up his ass and in kno time Marc fills the vacuum – knocking it in tough. Scott turns the tables on Marc, burying his dick deep in Marc’s ass whereas Marc throats Chips meat. The depth constructs and soon these 3 pals discharge and chill out in invested satiation.
present in collection The Better of Chip Daniels

2. Devin Davenport, Tony Angelo
When Devin Davenport fulfills arranged date Tony Angelo, a rise of satisfaction hurries through him. Tony’s shock of black locks, steely appealing eyes and the correctly detailed body get Devin penis tough … and Devin’s boy-next-door appearance set off a boost in Tony’s denims. Tony draws Devins dick and rims his virgin butt … warming him up and feeding his desire. Devin draws Tony’s dick … getting it tough and ready for his virgin ass. Tony moves it in and opens Devin up … working his dick deeper in Devin’s space and providing him a experience to remember. Last but not least conquered by desire, each males release their hundreds.

3. Craig Hoffman, Mitch Taylor (90 s)
Craig Hoffman remains in the middle of feeding his substantial dick to Mitch Taylor. Craig’s huge penis is higher than a mouthfull nevertheless Mitch handles to deepthroat the beast appropriate all the method to Craigs’s balls. Mitch gags as hot Craig fucks Mitch’s face. These 2 studs discuss the sting as Mitch asks Craig to fuck him together with his huge instrument. He requires it so unhealthy that he gets on the big penis and trips it, moving his ass up and down, filling his butt with the inflexible dick. With Mitch’s ass primed, Craig tosses him over and fucks him with wild desert. Mitch’s space is extended larger and much deeper than it is ever been. He grumbles in primal desire as Craig uses his penis as a big damaging ram, fucking Mitch till he is raw and invested. With their our bodies hurting to release their bottled-up power, the 2 studs heave a sigh and let loosened a water fountain of orgasm.

4. Devin Davenport, Craig Hoffman, Drew Kelly
Country kid Devin Davenport is overwhelmed by the sights and noises of the big city. Getting To Craig Hoffman’s location, he discovers Craig hectic taking photos photos of blonde adonis Drew Kelley. Devin enjoys as Drew carries out earlier than the digital video camera … bending his muscle mass … taking part in wiht his big penis … showwing off his ass. Devin get’s too scorching to comprise himself and starts taking part in with himself. Rapidly he is on Drew’s butt, exploring it together with his tongue. Craig delights in today, feeling his dick increase as Devin draws Drew’s stiff prick. Craig strikes in and supplies Devin a design of his individual beast dick. Overwhelmed by Craig’s substantial instrument and conquered by the heat of the scene, Devin gets his garments and leaves Craig and Drew to finish their session. Craig warms and unwinds Drew’s space, preparing yourself it for his huge dick. Craig moves his dick in gradually, then works it more resilient out and in … eventially knocking it deep in Drew’s space and making Drew’s load out previously than pulling once again and blasting his individual.

5. Justin Bradley, Jeff Hammond
Justin Bailey squanders no time at all detaching studly Jeff Hammond’s sweats … getting all the method to the ripped chest and inflamed dick underneath … providing the dick suck. Jeff returns the favor and the 2 studs 69 deeply and intensely. Justin pulls once again and will get a design of Jeff’s round muscular butt. Jeff agonizes in raptture sensation Justin’s tongue probe his space. Not able to bring off any longer, Jeff buries his dick within the adorable blonde’s ass … working all of it the very best method after which knocking it tough and fast. Jeff fucks the load out of Justin after which works his individual out throughout his tanned tight upper body.

Format: mp4
Length: 1: 13: 36
Video: 708 x478, AVC (H.264), 880 kbps
Audio: 312 kbps

Submit measurement: 645.1 MB

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