Jocks Feet Buffet They Are Back Masculine Handsome and Extra Tasty

Release Year: 2021

Men, Men with the flavor of men. It’s what a lot of foot fetishists love. Str8crush little by little was moving by decision of buyers to a point of "Try to get straight Twink boys" however these guys came to break that mold at the height of twinks and there are many sensations of pleasure that only the feet of a sportsman can make you feel.
Remember the calisthenics recruitment where we got 4 guys with great bodies and incredible feet? "Street feet hunting X: Finally I get some sexy Calisthenics Straight Jocks, you can feel the testosterone in the air and you will love to be under their alpha feet"
Well, Bastian Tiger (Bastiger) And Atlos (Yatra) are back after 1 year 🙂 and they don’t came alone, do you remember his friend who tell us "no" … well now he’s here, he bravely decided to Trying for the first time the sensation that a man adores his feet, Nacho confessed to being sorry for not having accepted on that occasion since his friends came home full of money and telling that it had been a “pleasant” experience, Nacho came to live it this time by himself and he end by expressing that "I really like the feeling and that scares me a bit" Don’t worry nacho, it’s just the natural order of things, it’s natural that you enjoy being adored because men like you exist to be adored by foot lovers like us, so relax your sports feet and enjoy a few beers with your friends because you are about to know what it feels like to be "like a God".
Franco is another boy that you have talked to me a lot about so that he can return and here he is, I believe this is the group that best fits since Franco is naturally a jock with a very beautiful body and very experienced when it comes to showing who is in charge
The boys normally started playing video games, I wanted to turn the TV volume down so that it wouldn’t interrupt their voices, but the truth is that no one was really paying attention to the video game, it just created a kind of unnecessary tension, “I’m playing a video game but what I want to do it really is enjoying putting my feet in the face of this guy ”, so I took off the controls, handed him some beers and just let them be free to do what they really want, they could enjoy their moment of relaxation as they pleased and they did it After passing him a few beers, each of them began to feel at home. They thoroughly enjoyed what it feels like to talk with friends while a gay man eats his sweaty men’s feet from the ground. You can clearly see that each of them legitimately enjoys being adored and even though each has his style, they all enjoy pushing Gerson’s mouth to the limit. In the end, for a man to shine, you just have to allow them to be who they really are inside.
By the way Gerson is a new guy on the slaves set. We will introduce him soon but he is a fervent lover of male feet, what better debut than with the most delicious dinner ever served, athletes feet….

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