Jack and the Giant Bottom Slayer

Studio: MaverickMen.com
Video language: English

According to your messages, y’ all have in fact been yearning a video where a 6 foot 6 inch, 3 hundred pound, hairy muscle monsters pounds the fuck out of a lean twink with a 9 inch cock, lol. I’m specific that you have in fact never ever seen anything like this previous to. I require to admit, these 2 not most likely bedfellows exceeded my expectations. They did things that I have in fact seen prior to in my life, things that simply a considerable giant and a little fairy may attain, lol. To see such a considerable male penetrate a little individual like that was in fact extremely hot to motion picture, nevertheless then to see this little individual turn the tables and fuck the hell out of the giant was mind blowing! This is a flip-fuck video like definitely nothing you have in fact seen prior to and we are psyched to share it with you all.

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