HIS Video – Hard to Believe (1986)

Four rock hard studs spend their lunch hour topping each other with tall tales of sexual conquests…some true, some exaggerated, but all extremely hot!! All the kinky chatter gives them ideas. You’ll get some too!

1. Mike Flynn solo, Joe Cade nonsex
Mike Flynn rides his motorcycle to a remote jogging path and hides in the brush. Moments later, jogger Joe Cade comes running by, pulls of his t-shirt and throws it on the ground, flexes, does a little exercising and runs off. Mike picks up the t-shirt, sniffs it obsessively and jerks off to his fantasy of Joe.

2. Mike Flynn, James Terrance
Mike shows the t-shirt to his roommate James Terrance. The two are so turned on that they fall onto the floor to 69 and jack off together.

3. Peter King, Chaz Halderman
James heads to lunch with Melchor, Tex Anthony and Chaz Halderman. Chaz tells a story about a hot encounter he had with Peter King in the back of a convertible classic car. First Peter sucks Chaz’s cock, then Chaz bends him over the backseat and fucks him to a splash climax.

4. Tony Rosen, Melchor (Diaz)
Melchor’s the next to tell a dirty story, this time his fantasy of being sexually taken by hunky cat burglar Tony Rosen. Tony breaks in and fishes through Melchor’s dressers, then when he sees Melchor sleeping naked in bed, he steps over, strips and awakens Melchor, who eagerly sucks the muscled stud’s cock. Then Tony climbs into the bed and throws a vigorous fuck into Melchor’s ass.

5. Tex Anthony, Derrick Garrison
Tex Anthony tells the next story, about his rendezvous with blond Derrick Garrison at a tanning salon. Derrick’s in one of the beds when Tex Anthony walks in and offers up his cock. Derrick sucks Tex, then Tex puts on a condom and tops Derrick.

6. Chaz Halderman, Tex Anthony, James Terrance, Melchor (Diaz)
Chaz invites his other lunchmates back to his place for sex and the they break out into two hot couplings. Melchor sucks Chaz, then Chaz fucks him raw. James sucks Tex, then Tex puts on a condom and James takes a ride on his cock.

7. Mike Flynn, Joe Cade
Mike Flynn returns Joe Cade’s t-shirt to him at the TV studio where he works, and Joe rewards him by taking him to a storage room to let him suck his cock, then they jack each other off.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:01:33
Video: 640×480, AVC (H.264), 1993kbps
Audio: 60kbps

File size: 929.4 MB

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