Hellbo, Skybo – Hot Domination Part 6

Denny is coming home and sees Raoul sitting on the couch eating chips. On the floor there is a real mess. Denny orders Raoul to clean it up. But Raoul doesn’t even think about it and continues to watch TV. When Denny is coming back realizing the mess is even worse he gets angry. Raoul laughs at him. Denny picks the boy off the couch, gets him in a nasty arm-lock teaching him who is boss here. Raoul’s arm is twisted to the maximum, his upper body snapped down under the pressure, so he can see the mess he created very closely. Then Denny pushes him down on his stomach and knees into his back, arm still locked up tightly. Raoul’s laughing has disappeared. He is totally helpless underneath the powerhouse and gets tortured. Denny finally gets off the boy and pulls him up to stand up position, but only to apply the next painful arm-lock. Raoul is strong and athletic, but he has no weapon against this bully and both know it. Denny enjoys to dominate the muscleboy. He squeezes Raouls head between his massive thighs, choking him, applies foot domination or simply squashes him with endless pinning. All these things are always in Denny’s menu for his toys. But today Raoul gets a real ‘special treatment’. Denny applies all sorts of arm-locks which are challenging Raoul’s threshold of pain. He is made to kiss Denny’s feet and touch and worship his tormentors muscles. Denny orders again to clean up the mess. Raoul hesitates just a short moment. But that took too long. Denny intensifies the torture to the next level. Wrists get locked up within the arm-lock, the hand is almost breaking off. This is like electro-shocking the boy. And Denny doesn’t let go, Raoul has to endure a lot and Denny gets turned on seeing Raoul suffer so badly. Raoul has to worship Denny’s boner, first through the jeans, a little later the jeans are off to continue. This is domination at its best showing two hot muscled studs in a pretty one-sided bout. A must have.

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:04
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 5799kbps
Audio: 128kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

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