Hellbo, Skybo – Horney Raoul

Denny comes home and relaxes on the couch with his mobile in hands. Raoul sneaks in from behind and all of a sudden applies a nasty headlock from behind to send him into land of dreams. He then puts the muscle hulk flat on the sofa, and rips tank top and jeans shorts off. Rarely he has such a sculptural body to work and play with. He can’ t resist, at one point he is grabbing Denny’s bulge and boner. Denny in the meantime is awake again. He uses his massive legs and he gets Raoul in a nasty head scissor. He will make the boy pay for being a bad boy. Raoul fights back as hard as he can. They roll over and now Raoul is flat on his back. His massive dominator sits on the chest high up in a reverse, almost on the head and enjoys his way of dominating Raoul with some spanking. He wants to play a bit with his athletic victim. Moments later Denny lays on top of Raoul, legs secured like in a grapevine hold, and pushing his massive chest into Raoul’s face to keep him down. Raoul tries to winds out of the holds somehow, but no way out of this powerful submission hold. Denny wants to pay back the low grabbing. He moves up on Raoul’s body sitting on his throat, locking elbows and arms, the boy while reaching out to Raoul’s groin. But Raoul tries real hard to buck the big guy off. A bit annoyed Denny changes the position, sits on the couch, and squeezes Raoul’s head between his massive thighs, face pulled into his bulge. You’re done boy. Raoul gets pushed down to the floor, Denny’s foot on his victims throat. He is made to kiss Denny’s big guns. Denny has found a slave and enjoys the domination. Raoul is horny and worships his master with his hands. But Denny wants more. Raoul tries to fight back, but there is no question who rules. Raoul has some power in his muscles but Denny easily picks him up and positions him on the recliner and settles down on his chest high up. Raoul is made to massage his master. When Denny squeezes Raoul’s head again between his legs, Raoul standing there and lifting Denny up. Now Denny intensifies his treatment. With a nasty headlock from behind he gets the boy gasping for air and he goes for a solid ball-grab. Raoul taps out but this is totally ignored. Denny applies further submissions on the boy to make him behave. And he gets what he wants, a boy to enjoy his dominance for quite some time.

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:58
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 5795kbps
Audio: 127kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

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