Defiant Productions – Rockets Vol.5: Incumming (2004)

Release Year: 2004
Cast: Matthew Matters, Dan Doe, Kyle Moore, Bradley Shaw, Shane, Enzio, Tony Hammer, Juice, Trevor, Stephan, Tristan
Genres: Jocks, Masturbation, Straight, Cum Eating

These Defiant boys shoot some serious payloads of cum!

1. Shane
Shane plays with himself over his clothes until his dick is nice and hard. He pulls down his shorts and black boxerbriefs to reveal his excited cock. He wraps his hand around the base and starts moving his hand up and down over the head until he cums all over his shirt.

2. Tony Hammer
Tony takes his cock out and starts jerking off. He pulls down his jeans and lays on his back, tugging his cock. He breathes heavy and yanks that rod until he sprays a nice load all over his chest.

3. Trevor
New cumer Trevor pops in a porn and slides his hands down his pants. He rubs his dick through his blue boxerbriefs. He pulls on his cock until it leaks.

4. Dan Doe
Dan lays on the floor and turns on a porn. He goes right for his cock and plays with himself until he’s hard. He lubes up his hot cock, rolling the head with his palm. He cups and pulls on his balls, jerking his hard cock until it explodes.

5. Bradley Shaw
Bradley takes off his shirt and lays on the sofa. He pulls down his jeans and pulls out his huge cock. He lubes up right away and then takes off his underwear. He uses both hands to feel his dick and balls. He thrusts his hips as he jerks off, groaning and sighing until he blows his hot load all over his chest.

6. Enzo
Enzo plays with his cock until it’s good and hard. He lays on the sofa and shucks off his pants. He smacks his cock against his stomach. He pulls and jerks it harder and harder until he explodes.

7. Juice
Juice likes to tease before releasing his cock from his boxers. He uses spit to lube up his cock, jerking it softly at first. He picks up the pace and shoots a hot juicy load in his mouth.

8. Tristan
Standing on the stairs, Tristan is pretty hard, but it isn’t until he strips and lubes up that he gets into it. Moving his body with every stroke, Tristan sucks on his lower lip. He pulls at his dick and cums all over the wall.

9. Stephen
Stephen unzips his shorts and pull out his pecker. Naked is alot easier, so he lays on his back with a seriously sexy look. He lubes himself up and fucks the palm of his hand. He switches hands and tightens his grip. He cums like a sprinkler all over his chest.

10. Matthew Mattters
Matthew rubs his shaft through his jeans with pressure. He takes off his hoodie and his jeans, revealing a nice cock. He is sprawled out on the sofa, taking full advantage of his body. He rubs his nips, tugs on his balls and fingers his asshole. He blows a hot load.

11. Tristan
Tristan wastes no time and goes right for his dick. He watches a porn while pulling on his pink cock. His hot cock explodes with cum.

12. Brock Labelli
Hottie Brock takes off his clothes and starts playing with his cock. He spreads lube on his cock and looks down at it. He rubs the head and tightens his abs and thighs while feeling his balls. He jerks that hard dick, hands wet with lube. He cums everywhere.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:52:58
Video: 656×492, AVC (H.264), 1950kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

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