Day Into Night: Scene 1: Hunter Marx & Rogan Richards

Release Year: 2014
Studio: TitanMen.com
Video language: English

Hunter Marx emerges from the pool– his muscular body dripping moist, his boner bouncing as he dries off. He recognizes tan and hairy Rogan Richards working his own bulge. Hunter the randy stud– who opens his mouth to engulf his big piece. Rogan teases the underside, whipping Hunter’s dick on his face. Side shots record Rogan going deep, producing a “Fuck!” from Hunter. Spit hair link the guideline to Rogan’s tongue, the sucker whipping it on his mouth when again. They kiss, their penis grazing prior to Rogan feeds Hunter his thick, uncut piece. He whips it on the stud’s hairy chest, the smack sound filling the air. “Fuck my face!” requirements Hunter, who gets his dream– rapidly teasing the foreskin with his tongue. Rogan fucks Hunter’s hand while comprehending his wrist. They take in each other’s holes prior to Hunter fucks him from behind, the bottom arching his back. Hunter works it in deep, his shaft disappearing as his pubes tickle Rogan’s ass. The leading fires his thick load, fingering it up and putting it on his cock prior to Rogan gets rid of a substantial load.

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