CMNM – Humiliated Schoolboys

Posh schoolboys at CMNM have arranged things for themselves so well that now they can indulge in their pervy, mischievous sexual escapades with dumb unsuspecting hooligans. For instance, today they fixed Josh’s rowing game so that he loses the race and now he is made to pay for it.
While he’s gorging on Ed’s swollen cock, pervy clothed men tell him that there’s a new rule that he as a sportsman must obey: the winner of the race will have to fuck the loser and the loser will have to bend over and receive the winner’s cock without any questions or objections – or he might lose all the benefits with their club.
The dumb ruffian has no other choice but to spread his ass cheeks and allow the sportsman who has won the race to shove his hard dick up his tight straight ass. Meanwhile, the pervy clothed posh boys can’t help but smile self-indulgently at Josh’s predicament.
However, that wasn’t the worst of Josh’s humiliation. Ed, who is an upper class sportsman, can’t contain his load in his balls and badly needs to find a release. Thus, Ed’s cock finds its way to Josh’s mouth – which turns out to be a perfect place for depositing all that jizz that’s accumulated in his balls over several days of abstaining from cumming.

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