Catalina – Bear Chested

In five scenes, the video starts with Scott Dillon taking pictures of Mark Reed to enter in a contest for the "hottest muscle bear" on a Web site called "Bear Chested." (To save you the trouble and in the interest of good journalism, I already verified that no such web site is currently registered.) The winner gets to appear in a Catalina video.
Nothing really hardcore at the beginning, some still shots of Reed’s chest and cock, but it sets up the premise, and we move to a scene with two really hairy fuckers, Buster and box-cover bear Barry Barrett. Fans of fur will cream over the bald Barrett and the buzzed Buster as they work each other’s thick rods. Buster can butch it up for the most part, "Oh, yeah, take that cock," and he has no problem sucking Barrett’s thick pole. The camera gets in close for cocksucking and features a crisp close-up of Buster’s tight pucker with Barrett’s tongue darting in and out. Both dudes blow gobs of cum on their plush belly carpet.
Ursine fans may balk at Steven Richards’ smooth chest and shaved bush, but plush forearms and hairy thighs and a huge cock more than abated any further doubts I had. He’s more than willing and able to poke bad boy Robert Black. The camera zooms in and around Black’s hole as Richard’s slices and dices it like a hot knife through butter. Black blows with Richards still rocking his world. In a matter of seconds, Black somehow ends up on his knees with Richards blowing his wad onto his sweet face.
We get more bear-on-bear action with Scott Ramm and Buster. Great lighting and some underside camera angles give this scene plenty of zip. Buster has a sweet and sexy quality that sometimes belies his tough guy persona. Buster can’t seem to stop smiling or giggling like a schoolgirl while he’s being "Ramm’d." Buster gets the award for a second jizz rocket that is as intense as the first. Ramm blows his load onto Buster’s glistening face and ‘stache.
Barrett is back again, this time with Jim Slade. When I met Slade at the GayVNs in March, he explained that he always covers his tats in sunscreen, to keep them from fading, so you may notice that Slade’s tattoos have a white aura around them. Slade and Barrett get it on; with Slade eventually butt bouncing on Barrett’s bone. Slade creams, but Barrett is just there for moral support.
While I’m not sure how Reed beats the furry likes of Buster or even Barry Barrett in a furry chest contest, but he ends up winning the contest and more than earns the trophy when Ben Archer stops by to bring him his prize. With his dimpled chin, Archer unleashes his dark side, which has him bending Reed over for one of this video’s nasty fuck scenes. Archer gets into plowing Reed and isn’t afraid to believably chide Reed with comments like, "C’mon, c’mon squeeze your ass, bitch," as he fucks Reed from below, with Reed’s own shaved rod sticking out poker-straight from his bush. There’s some "looping" here that makes the scene longer than it should be, but all in all, it’s effective as Reed blows a messy wad that drips down Archer’s inner thigh. Archer blows on Reed’s face, which has a growth of beard that looks like that dirty (but sexy) cartoon beard that Fred Flintstone sometimes had.
The whole contest theme of this video could have been eliminated, along with some of the dialog, and director Peter Romero still would have scored his own winner with a well-shot, well-lit and, at times, nasty fuck flick that proves even the hairiest bears can be pigs sometimes.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:17:36
Video: 640×480, XviD, 1076kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 671.7 MB

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