BreederFuckers – Jaime – Session 5

Bound and struggling, made to kiss a man, gagged, pants destroyed, mercilessly tickled, gobbing in his mouth, cock sucked, muscular body covered in oil, made to tongue a man’s anus, foot caning, mouth filled with cum and made to clean a sperm covered cock with his mouth.

Stripped down to nothing but his tight white pants with his hairy masculine body on show, Jamie’s body looks especially horny when he struggles against the ropes binding him making his big muscles bulge and strain. His legs lash out so his hairy thighs slam against the table making his pants ride up the crack of his arse and strain against the bulge of his dick. His pants are delicately sliced so that the thin fabric barely covers his cock and big hairy nuts. By teasing his sensitive hairy pits and torso with our wiggling fingers he thrashes about so hard the covering flies away and he’s made to expose himself. He’s disgusted by any male on male intimacy so the sight of pouting manly lips coming towards his own makes him lash out angrily.

We don’t want him to just submit to gay romance but actively beg for it. Jamie is tickled to cause him absolute agony. It’s lucky these ropes are strong because Jamie shows real strength kicking and writhing with all his might. When his legs both rise up in the air his hot furry anus is exposed. His mouth is mercilessly invaded by the men’s probing wet tongues. At the same time his cock gets swallowed down so he feels overwhelmed by the men’s desire for him. His entire body is covered with oil to show his fit body to the best effect.

Jamie isn’t being quite gay enough so he’s introduced to the most intimate pungent part of the male anatomy. Dave presents his bare arse in Jamie’s face and releases a gaseous explosion so the man is in no doubt about where he’s about to put his tongue. With the threat of a sharp caning to the sensitive soles of his feet Jamie must lick and use his tongue to penetrate the filthy man hole. With a man’s arse cheeks planted firmly down on his face his dick gets a good hard sucking so Jamie can’t help but get a semi. Before he can actually get any pleasure he must open his mouth to receive a fresh creamy load. Jamie wanted to be presented as a dominant manly star in his video. Instead he’s been made into the biggest cum hungry cock slut ever presented on film.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 26:42
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2706kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 543.0 MB

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