Wayne Jerks Off (720p)

Cast: Wayne
Genres: Twink, Solo, Hunk, Hot, Big dick, Uncut, Tattoo

1. Wayne, a beautiful, tan, uncut 18 year old oklahoma cowboy, with big bulging biceps, a perfect boy bubble butt, fun personality and solid belly slapping cock which stays hard in this exclusive video. This horny barely legal boy enjoys working outside in the garden and lifting weights fully nude in the hot hawaiian sun in this – his first jo photo shoot ever. watch friendly Wayne stroke his hairy, rock hard, twink cock and big nut sack during his long nudist work session in the tropics. He has a full 8 – pack of ripped ab muscles on his tight 18 year old boy body. Listen to Wayne talk about his big oklahoma farm family and how he came to hawaii to learn surfing and to work in a surf shop in maui. Imagine watching this cute, laid back, surfer boy at work behind the counter of a hawaiian surf shop. "I’m part cherokee indian, irish, scottish, british and german", horny Wayne says at the start of this video as he strips off his board shorts exposing his perfect uncut boy cock. Farm boy Wayne is a tall 6 foot, 145lbs, with green / blue eyes and a smooth, twink body and and amazing, bright, white ass of a real college surfer, who is in the sun most days. Check out his tan lines. Wayne is full of personality as he talks about his cock and pulls on his ample foreskin. watch Wayne attempt to take a piss on the driveway, but becomes very nervous and pee shy. with is boner in his hand he walks into the garden and releases and amazing solid golden shower which splashing on to his bare feet. Cowboy Wayne is one to piss with a hard cock. While standing in the hot hawaiian sun Wayne strokes with uncut cock hard and then picks up a set of barbells and starts to work out with his bouncing uncut boner flapping in the breeze. Listen to Wayne confess that he has he works out often naked at home. we get a private show but this time outside in the sun for all to see. Check out Wayne’s perfectly formed belly slapper. He has never worked out with a hard dick before this video. Look at his healthy foreskin as it folds up like a elephant trunk. He turns around to do reps with a bar bell and his fine ass cheeks tighten. What a beautiful virgin white muscle butt. There are many great shots of his ass and hanging ball sack as he works out. Wayne enjoys posing with his heavy weights and the bright blue hawaiian sky behind him. Horny, surfer Wayne with his amazing personality and super white, boy butt and rock hard uncut cock is a great new addition to the stable of real life, surfers. Thanks you, cowboy Wayne for being you and trying new things. We love the surfers on the hawaiian islands. Enjoy.

2. Ripped cowboy Wayne is back stroking his uncut throbber. The popular 18 year old surfer jerks his rock hard cock underwater and spreads his virgin boy butt wide open, floating on a pool raft before busting a huge nut of cream on his awesome athletic young body in this exclusive video. Feast your eyes on every inch of cowboy Wayne’s smooth naked body and uncut cock from underwater as he skinny dips on camera for the very first time – all caught on video’ unique underwater sports action cam. This horny corn-fed oklahoma farm boy has a beautiful uncut rock hard cock that slaps against his smooth belly for most of the video. Watch cowboy Wayne walk around the swimming pool fully naked with a hard dick. We get to see his dick and balls dangle between his white muscle thighs as he moves around the pool and garden. We even see Wayne take a piss on the cement deck by the pool. Piss lovers, Wayne takes 2 long pisses. Sexy Wayne gets in the pool to cool off and lay out on a raft in the sun with a big oklahoma smile on his face. This horny farm boy immediately starts to pull on his juicy uncut cock and play with his balls & ass while floating in the pool. Wow. However, once he flips over to tan his smooth white ass, Wayne really loosens up. He easily opens his solid surfer ass cheeks and spreads them wide for a nice photo shoot of his sexy man booty. There is nothing sexier than watching cowboy Wayne open and close his ass cheeks for us to see the tuft of blond boy hair surrounding his virgin hole. He knows how to put on a good show and gives us what we want. Included here are some very intimate moments and extended scenes of Wayne jerking off while looking directly into the camera. Wayne really takes his time in this film – playfully jerking his perfect uncut meat and stroking his big balls. Watch as the camera captures extreme closeups of this straight hunk pleasing himself and his rigid uncut dick. Watch him stroke his cock like a pro. Wayne’s whole body tightens as he gets closer to exploding, finally spraying a thick load of cum all over his chest and ripped 8 – pack abs. Wayne moans in rapture when he finally busts a nut. "I always cum this much," cowboy Wayne says with a smile, as he points to all the cum dripping off him. I ask our horny farm boy to stand up so we can see all the cum dripping down his torso. Watch Wayne walk slowly to the outdoor shower as cum continues to drip out of his hard cock. This horny lad takes a sexy shower and is hard for the entire body wash. Watch this sexy surfer clean out his hairy boy hole with soap and water. We are happy oklahoma cowboy Wayne is back on islands studs. And we are pleased to see so much boy juice explode out of Wayne’s perfect uncut 18 year old boy dong. Enjoy the return of Wayne.

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