Watch You Cheat: He’ll Give You What I Can’t (720p,1080p,4K)

Cast: Caden Jackson, Jkab Ethan Dale, Brogan
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Caden Jackson casually chats with his boyfriend, Brogan, letting him know that a coworker will be over soon. Immediately, Brogan knows Caden’s up to something and probes for more details. Little by little, Caden playfully hints that the coworker may be coming over to have some FUN with Brogan, IF Brogan wants it. After all, it’d help with some of Brogan’s urges that Caden himself can’t quite satisfy, like how Caden prefers to watch Brogan top someone else rather than let himself be topped. Although Brogan is incredulous, he decides to at least meet the coworker…When Jkab Ethan Dale arrives, Brogan instantly changes his mind about the whole thing. Caden admits to Jkab that he was invited over to hopefully entice him to have a bit of fun with Brogan while he himself watches, if that’s cool with Jkab. Jkab is amused and intrigued, unable to believe his luck. When he double checks with Brogan if he’s up for it, Brogan immediately says he’s on board. It looks like EVERYONE that day is going to get exactly what they want!

Total size: 5.6 GB in 3 files.

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