Tyler Takes Tony (720p,1080p)

Cast: Tyler, Tony
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

If seeing a couple of young hot college buddies go at it, then boy do we ever have the episode for you as tall toned Tony tops tight twink Tyler! Alliteration aside, this is a hot one. Tyler wanted Tony’s cock, and Tony wanted Tyler’s hole. Actually, Tyler had even mentioned to us beforehand he couldn’t for this one as he’d been wanting a piece of Tony for awhile! We see what piece of Tony he wanted most of all when he dives down on Tony’s cock and swallows it in one go – Tyler was hungry for that dick, and wasn’t going to waste a single precious second of his turn with it. Tyler’s lust for all things Tony was mutual – while Tyler’s on his knees tasting and savoring Tony’s dick, you can see Tony reach around and start to play with Tyler’s ass and hole while having this look on his face that says, "I have been wanting to get my dick in that!". All that pent up desire and lust culminates in the hot, intense fuck session we get to witness here. Tony works out Tyler’s hole ruthlessly, and Tyler’s on cloud nine throughout. These two go well together, and I love getting to watch ’em go at it!

Total size: 1.9 GB in 2 files.

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