Shamus of Three Sessions (540p)

Cast: Shamus
Genres: belting, spanking, fingering, cock, ball torture, toys, anal, cbt,

Tied against the wall, verbal bad-mouthing, arse and balls flogged, soles of his feet viciously tickled and caned, exposed butt cheeks lashed, arsehole fingered, electro-shocks to his hairy balls, penetrated with a vibrator and fucked.

Hard straight man Shamus is bound with his legs akimbo giving pleasing access to his arse. His big meaty arse is given a viciously hard flogging over his jeans. His buns feel burning hot even over his clothing and Dave can feel his sensitive arsehole. He rubs his balls over his jeans feeling how they are laid out like a meaty platter. He delivers some whacks to his gonads making the feisty hetero squirm in agony. Shamus’ perfect manly feet are revealed and Dave delivers some light fingering to the soles making him writhe at the sensation. With Shamus’ jeans being sliced away the damage to his big muscular rear is revealed. His butt cheeks are so sensitive now the lightest touch from Dave causes him to tremble in pain.

So the threat of a tough leather strap whacking his arse more turns this fighting straight fucker into a gentle lamb reluctantly allowing Dave to get between his cheeks to pervily finger his arsehole and feel his warm interior. Shamus still isn’t properly respectful so Dave takes out his zapper and gives some electric shocks to his balls and the tender head of his cock. With his arsehole now nicely widened he shoves a vibrating dildo up his hole while continuing to shock him. Shamus is now thoroughly broken, his manly body so worked over and tamed that he is compliant like a real submissive slut and ready to receive his new sadistic owner’s cock up his arsehole.

Tied arse up on a block of wood, breath control, bare-handed spanking, CBT, arsehole finger-fucked, made to beg to suck cock, face covered in jizz, made to weep.

Shamus hasn’t yet learned how to respect his new owner. A string of filthy verbal abuse pours from his mouth so Dave restricts his breath connecting a length of rope around his neck to his ankles so he has to painful arch his back or gag himself. His already sore arse is given vicious smacks from his new master’s bare hand. The acute pain is intensified by the fact that every time he thrashes his body in response to a spank he inadvertently chokes himself. His dick and nuts are tied to a heavy weight and his long silky foreskin is clamped open. With his movement so restricted, Dave sees the perfect opportunity to plunge into his sore hairy arse which he wets with spit. In this humble position, Shamus has no choice but to obediently beg to suck cock or receive further punishment. This straight lad was under the foolish impression his body is still solely for women. Now he understands every inch of him belongs to this sadistic man.

Naked and bound on the floor, facefucked till he gags, legs suspended to reveal his arsehole, fingerfucked, screwed at both ends, fucked with a powertool, spitroasted, made to rim male arsehole, mouth filled with cum.

Shamus makes an enticing sight with his muscles restricted from being tightly belt buckled from his arms down to his feet. He writhes pathetically on the floor unable to cover himself for anyone who passes by. Adrian gives him a big hard cock to suck on like a treat. He persistently shoves his dick down his throat further and harder until the proud straight man goes red-faced gagging and slicks up Adrian’s dick with his saliva. Dave raises his legs and suspends them from the ceiling to show his tight arse. Shamus clenches his cheeks together doing his best to protect his anus, but Dave rams his fingers in persistently pounding his hole. Adrian insists on filling Shamus’ gob with his hard on though he is crying in pain from having his hole so mercilessly invaded.

Dave fills his arse with a mechanical dildo ruining his sphincter and making him buck wildly. His captors swap places and Dave fucks his face making Shamus hold his dick in his mouth and suck till he’s fully pleasured. At the same time, Adrian ramps up the speed of the powertool until his hole is broken wide open. They relentlessly fuck the captive hetero at both ends. Dave orders Shamus to stick out his tongue and slide it up his filthy butthole while Adrian fucks him deep. Shamus is made to swallow every drop of cum deposited into his mouth. They take their pleasure out of Shamus until he’s nothing more than a cum-filled slutty bitch.

Total size: 943.9 MB in 3 files.

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