Scout Ethan, Chapter 6: The Trail (720p,1080p)

Cast: Ethan Tate, Reece Scott
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

I dunno what’s gotten into me. Ever since my dalliance with young Scout Cole, I’ve been struggling to stay focussed. I’m a Scoutmaster. I became a Scoutmaster to teach young men how to be the best versions of themselves. I did not sign up to be sexually distracted by anything with a cute ass in a tight pair of shorts. And yet, here I am… That said, for some weeks now I’ve been fairly successful in managing to avoid temptation. I’ve kept out of Scout Cole’s way, although God knows the looks he’s been shooting me have been very difficult to ignore. I thought I might be on safer ground with Scout Ethan. He’s a very sensible boy with a strong work ethic. Taking him out on a trail gave me an opportunity to impart the more appropriate type of knowledge to a Scout. And all went very well… at least at first. The boy has an incredible understanding of forest ecosystems and he lapped up everything I cared to share about surviving in the wild. A couple of miles away from base camp he started acting a bit weird, however. I’d noticed him holding eye contact with me for increasing periods of time, but he’d invariably end up blushing and looking away. When I told him we were almost home, he stopped in his tracks, plainly plucking up the courage to say something he’d been trying to say for some time. In the end he just came out with it. I can’t quite remember the wording, but the implication was that he wanted the two of us to hang out for a little longer.

Total size: 2.4 GB in 2 files.

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