President Oaks fucks Elder Nicola’s asshole (720p,1080p)

Cast: Elder Nicola, President Oaks
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Oral, Hunks, Jocks, Twinks, Cross Generation, Uncut, Cum Shots

Elder Nicola removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt slowly. His mind was wandering as he changed into his temple shield, getting lost in thought about his encounter with Bishop Eldridge. He was still so confused and had so many questions.

He knew making that sex tape with Elder Holland was a mistake. All his efforts to hide his sexuality were undone in an instant–and now it seems his priesthood leaders knew! Still, it was strange how they weren’t punishing him, though.

Instead, they seemed to become more interested in him. He was even called to be a district leader. It didn’t feel entirely right, but he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed the attention. All Elder Nicola wanted was to win over their favor. And maybe becoming sexual with these men wasn’t the worst way to get it.

Once Nicola was changed, he walked toward the initiatory chambers feeling extremely exposed. When he stepped into the curtained room, he saw President Oaks standing and waiting. He had a warm, welcoming smile on his face. His eyes even seemed to light up once they looked into Elder Nicola’s.

It was hard to feel entirely uncomfortable around him, but the young Mormon wasn’t sure what to do or say. He was certain this would not be a standard initiatory.

He kept still and attentive, trying to take note of every look and expression to gauge his next move. He wanted to be perfect for him.

While reciting the text of the initiatory, President Oaks got consecrated oil and began to rub the slick liquid all across Nicola’s body, starting with his face and down his neck.

When he came to the torso, the sexy man lifted the veil strategically, only revealing just what he needed to rub at each moment.

The delicate touches sent a tingle up Nicola’s spine, making him feel strangely vulnerable, but also relaxed. His imagination drifted and he began to fantasize what it would be like to be fucked by President Oaks. His cock began to rise under his shield, but it wasn’t until Oaks lifted the front that he realized and got nervous.

President Oaks was very used to anointing boys with full erections. Even the ones he didn’t intend to fuck. He knew he had an effect on them and knew exactly how to handle it. He continued to bless the boy’s body, not drawing any attention to the stiff, uncut cock. Well, not until he completed the ritual.

Once he’d recited the text, President Oaks removed Nicola’s shield and dropped to his knees, taking the boy’s cock in his hand and running his lips over its tip. Oaks licked and teased him, tasting the boy and bringing him into his mouth. Nicola stayed still, enjoying the surprise blowjob, but remained focused on making sure he did as the president wanted.

Before long, the pleasure became too intense and Elder Nicola got lost in the amazing feeling the president was giving him. Oaks could see the boy’s excitement and proceeded to use the boy to his liking.

The handsome president brought Elder Nicola to his knees and bent him over a small stool beside them. Nicola’s ass popped up in the air as his back arched. Oaks’ eyes widened as he could see the perfectly presented hole between his smooth, round ass cheeks. The lecherous president ran some oil down his butt, watching closely as it trailed the subtle contours of its center.

President Oaks ran his fingers up and down his smooth backside, feeling his lust build hotter and heavier. Then, feeling the boy’s warmth, he placed his finger up to the mouth of Nicola’s ass and watched as it slowly and gently slide inside.

Elder Nicola’s heart raced as Oaks maneuvered his fingertip inside his body. He became flushed, perspiring from the excitement. He arched his back to push his hole further onto his finger, desperate to feel his ass take more of the handsome man. Oaks could see the boy’s reaction, turned his finger slightly, and leaned in to kiss the back of the boy’s neck.

President Oaks could not believe just how sweet and sensual this young boy was. He was torn between his desire to nurture and guide him and his more carnal desire to fuck him senseless. As always, he knew that it would end up somewhere in the middle.

The salt and pepper president kissed down Nicola’s back and onto his cheeks, holding back the urge to bite as he went. Eager to get deeper inside, President Oaks began to remove his clothing as he watched the boy in heat play with his charged up genitals.

Once he was undressed, Oaks turned Nicola back around and sat him down on the stool. Nicola could hardly sit, begging for his hole to be filled. Instead, Oaks took his aching, dripping cock back in his mouth and stroked the horny boy into submission.

Nicola leaned back slightly, trying to hold himself up as he got his cock worked. He couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to be with this man. He knew he would do anything he asked and wanted to make him feel even better.

Oaks couldn’t help but crack a smile as he saw Nicola in total rapture on the tip of his tongue. He ran his hands up and down his lean torso as he sucked, passionately grabbing at his flesh, hungry for more.

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