Older is Better: Brody Kayman & Skylar Finchh (720p,1080p)

Cast: Brody Kayman, Skylar Finchh
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Brody finds Skylar playing some music on an old record player. Surprised, he tries to understand why his stepson is acting like an old soul. The twink reveals he’s been seeing an older gentleman who often gives him vintage stuff. The intuitive soon figures out that there’s something odd about their relationship and, concerned that his stepson might have become a sugar baby, he tells his boy to stop seeing this older man. The blonde twink doesn’t want to leave his boyfriend, but Brody’s foot is down, and he wants to know exactly how far he has gotten with this older guy. Skylar then proceeds to jerk off his stepdad just like he did to his boyfriend. Brody is suddenly amazed by his boy’s talented hands, so he lets him use his mouth on his big dick to see how experienced his stepson is. The whole situation turns into a horny fuck fest as Brody ends up pounding Skylar’s hole, trying to ruin him for other older men.

Total size: 848.0 MB in 2 files.

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