Delan Benobe fucks Dani Robles’ asshole (720p,1080p)

Cast: Dani Robles, Delan Benobe
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Have you ever wondered what happens at those awards shows, such as the Grabby Awards Europe, well today we find out what all those horny models gathered together do and Dani Robles and Delan Benobe give us that sneak peek? After his show, Delan Benobe returns to his suite where Dani has been enjoying the show. These two are very horny for each other as their passionate kissing clearly demonstrates. Delan strips Dani of his swimsuit and gorges himself on his rock-solid cock. Dani luxuriates in the sensation of Delan’s hot lips working his way to the base of Dani’s cock causing his eyes to role back into his head. The guys switch it up and Dani takes Delan’s elongated cock into his mouth as Delan begins fucking his face. Dani turns on Delan and presents him with his hairy hole and Delan gives him a hot tongue fucking before slipping his raw cock deep inside of that moist, accommodating ass. Switching it up, Dani lowers his ass onto Delan’s throbbing cock and begins thrusting his ass down every centimeter of his rock-hard cock. Another flip and this time Dani is on his back, legs spread, ass open and Delan ramming his huge cock deep inside. Delan ramps up his pace and begins a rapid-fire fucking that raised both men’s levels of passion and desire. Dani grabs hold of his cock and quickly showers his entire furry torso with his massive load of cum as Delan continues fucking his hot ass. Delan feels and is enthralled with the sensation of Dani’s ass muscles gripping and milking his cock that he pulls out and releases a torrent of cum all over Dani’s balls and cock. Now you know what those models are doing when they are not on stage performing for you.

Total size: 979.9 MB in 1 files.

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