Bijou Classics – Invite Staying Daddy

This Bijou video collection gathers 4 scenes that consists of older, husky, mustachioed males wrangling and contending more youthful dollars. The “” daddies”” control the procedures with their measurement, energy, and need to permeate. Whether paying the paperboy in dick or offering stopping working university student a guaranteed method to move class, these scorchin’ pieces of masculinity offer their all. The scenes are all from the 70’s and early 80’s so they’re pre-condom and shot on film. The requirement (and generally the music) is not exactly terrific, nevertheless the sexual intercourse is.

The main scene starts with some video of a stereotyped teenager providing papers. He goes to your home of one in all his potential customers to gets a commission. The customer is a sandy-haired, mustachioed entrepreneur with a permeating look. He gets his checkbook; inside a number of seconds his hand stops composing and he squeezes the Paper Young boy’s hand. The music begins complete make (the flute is kickin’!) and Paper Young boy drops his tight denims to reveal a simple, nevertheless hardly jiggly, rump. Daddy drops to his knees and swallows the young boy’s incredible piece. Paperboy flexes over the eating space desk so Business Daddy can tongue his hairless space and jack his substantial beef. Daddy fucks Paperboy, in 3 positions, whereas kneading and slapping his ass. Whereas Paperboy is utilizing Daddy, he jerks off to orgasm; this does not stop Daddy, though-he keeps on bangin’ away ’til he is great and able to shoot his shot. He does, nevertheless not till Paper Young boy licks his balls and space.

The 2nd stage is significantly darkish, not cinematographically, nevertheless in mood and tone. A swarthy middle-aged guy in a maroon t-shirt and tie leads a slender brunette into a work environment of kinds. As quickly as there, the recurring digital music swells, consisting of an odd rigidness, and the garments come off. The photos of their diverse sexual actions are extremely tight, almost summary; it is a tiny bit frightening therefore much thrilling. The older gentleman has actually acquired one hell of a hog in between his legs– substantial and appealing. The more youthful guy, like the teen within the very first scene, furthermore will get raked on a desk. This time it is far more significant, with the older guy scrunching up his face and raising the young boy into the air.

Remarkable is an apt period to describe the 3rd, and biggest, series. 2 blondes, you thought it, one more youthful and lithe, the opposite older and mustachioed, make like super-powered sodomites when the more youthful one finds that he needs to draw his fitness instructor’s dick with the objective to acquire a passing grade on an evaluation. Trainer guidelines Student to drop his drawers and display his ass. Then he is advised to make like a vacuum and suck snake. Male oh guy– these 2 have huge wieners! They jerk one another a little, share blowjob tasks, after which go fuck wild. Trainer holds Student’s ankles and essentially divides him in 2! As an included benefit they cum simultaneously. It would not get considerably much better than that

Format: avi
Length: 1: 06: 15
Video: 640 x480, DivX 5, 1365 kbps
Audio: 125 kbps

Submit measurement: 726.9 MB

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