BGEast – The Black Spider vs The Dragonfly

In long blue spandex tights which highlight a thick hard-on, The Dragonfly paces the arena awaiting his foe. The Spider literally drops from the rafters and within moments the unsuspecting SuperHero is being sleepered out and trod upon by the evil arachnid. When he comes-to he discovers that his hard-on is even bigger – an easy and obvious target for the super-villain. The spider tortures the poor fly, pounding, stomping and punishing him all over the super battle ground. Claw holds find their way to every part of the Dragonfly’s body, even into his mouth as he is stripped and stroked, prey to the dastardly powers of the maniacal wrestling spider. The Dragonfly’s beautiful bare butt and over-sized cock get special attention as he is tied in the ropes then bound in the spider’s web from head to toe, the spider’s threads wrapped around and around the fly’s dick and balls. The Black Spider unlaces The Dragonfly’s mask. The mask takes on a life of its own, going where no mask has gone before! The spider takes even more liberties with the hapless fly bound in his web. yet another Super-Hero’s man-serum is left spent and splattered on his own bare chest. The victorious Black Spider crawls away to strike again another day!

Format: mp4
Duration: 48:43
Video: 480×320, MP4V, 1141kbps
Audio: 113kbps

File size: 449.2 MB

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