BG East – Squared Circle 6 Ring Nookie – Kid Vicious vs Devon Cade

Cast: Kid Vicious vs Devon Cade

A Hot Six Pack is Perfect for Punching and Stomping OR Vicious Turns Cade Into His Personal Punching Bag

Devon Cade thinks he’s all that, does he? The Boss watches the jobber toning up his sexy six pack with a set of crunches. "I can do this!" He psyches himself up in the mirror but he’s not confident and The Boss knows it. Kid Vicious struts into the ring smirking with the knowledge of what he’s about to do to another piece of jobber musclemeat. The lump in Devon’s tights betrays his thoughts, as does the lump in his throat. Locking up with Kid Vicious, Devon is immediately seduced by the dominant heel’s presence.

With a swift kick to the stomach, Vicious takes the wind out of the star-struck Devon, then tosses him back and forth across the ring without even a warm up. Vicious is turned on by this prettyboy. A stomp to the stomach then intense punches and relentless knees have Devon howling in pain. Marking his territory, Vicious rubs his crotch against his new piece of property. Straddling his face, Vicious applies a claw to Devon’s gut. This gets a submission out of Devon, which is rewarded generously by some kissing from his idol.

Devon Cade manages to wrap his legs around Vicious’ head, trapping the unbeatable stud in a scissors. Vicious punches Devon’s gut and crotch as he tries to get out of the hold, but Devon persists, even when Vicious gets his own legs wrapped tight around Devon at the same time. It’s an intense double scissor hold! Vicious comes out on top, making the boy submit multiple times. "I submit! I mean it!" he begs in his Southern accent, but Vicious only lets go when he wants to and he is not done teaching a lesson in respect.

Next Vicious wraps a figure-four headscissors around his boy: immediate submission, but Devon is nearly put to sleep from the strength of those thick muscular thighs. Waking up with Vicious’ crotch in his face, Devon looks up stunned, at his torturer. "Feel that power, boy?" asks Vicious, squeezing his thighs tight clawing his stomach for good measure. "I give!! I give!" he begs, as Vicious bridges him backwards repeatedly. Beaten, scared, Devon isn’t sure he can continue…

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