BG East – Babyface Brawl X – Ty Alexander vs Drake Marcos

Adorable rookie Ty Alexander debuted less than six months ago, but the eager and effervescent babyface already boasts an impressive fan following. Cute as the proverbial button and sporting an eye-catching bubble butt, young Ty made our mouths water in his first outing by demonstrating his passion for the carnal delights of wrestling. The kid likes the hurt (both giving and receiving) and he possesses a full-on passion for the eroticism that a brutal battle can inspire. Taking a beating, giving a beating, in the ring, on the mats, on the grass or in the pool, it’s all good as far as Ty is concerned, just so long as the action is intensely intimate and careens headlong toward a balls-out, explosive finish.

Ty arrived at BG East fully formed as a gear fetishist. To say he collects wrestling gear doesn’t quite capture the extent of his infatuation with gear of all types, shapes, colors and combinations. He also has become BG East’s unofficial Keeper of the Wardrobe, sorting and organizing the plethora of many stretchy bit of, north and south. And he has multiple closets of his own packed to the ceiling with singlets, thongs, trunks, and high-fashion underwear. So when BG East’s resident top jobber Drake Marcos sent the rookie a very alluring and seductive photo of a brand new and very sexy pair of high-end lime green underwear, all he had to do was offer to let Ty take them home with him as a trophy… if he could beat him on the mats and strip them off of Drake first.

Drake’s star has been on the rise ever since his handsome mug caught the eye of The Boss almost two years ago. Despite extensive private wrestling tutorials from Kid Leopard himself, Drake has had his ass handed to him in every match thus far. Hearing the term "jobber" bandied about, however, doesn’t sit well with one of the most earnest young studs in our stable. Winning the most votes for Squash of the Year (as the squashee, of course) merely lit a fire under Drake to finally write a new destiny for himself by earning his first tick in the victory column. And angelic, doe-eyed babyface Ty looks precisely like the fresh meat that Drake is ready to sink his big boy teeth into.

Ty arrives in the BG East Florida mat room to find Drake’s bag, but no Drake. Hmmm…. Ty’s eyes light up with curiosity and mischievousness. A gear bag? Yum! You can almost see Ty Alexander salivating. Although the babyface newbie may look like an angel, he has nothing but bold-faced larceny and leering lasciviousness on his mind as he immediately begins to rifle through his opponent’s big wrestling bag of goodies. He fishes out those coveted and supposedly contested lime-green trunks and steps out of the room to change into the very gear that he was supposed to have to wrestle off of Drake. What young Ty may lack in experience, he sure makes up for outright audacity and downright balls!

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