Barebacking Tim Harrison – Sloppy Holes

Studio: DrakeRock
Video language: English

I enjoy fucking Tim Harrison raw so much that I wanted to see how many different ways I could cum inside him. Six times I came inside him: four bareback breedings and two oral! Briefly we made out and within less than a minute I was fucking his ass bareback. Three minutes later I dump my first raw load inside him which flowed out of his hole thick and creamy. Immediately I had the twink flip on his stomach, stuck my cock in his cum-sloppy hole and rode his ass again. One of the things I love about Tim is how he arches his willing butt in the air, and bred him a second time. When I pulled out and spread his cheeks another huge cream pie streamed. I stuck my fingers inside his fuckhole and had him push. To my surprise a rosebud bloomed from his ass. Then I fucked him standing up. There is some great close up footage of my raw dick slamming his cummy hole, and an amazing upshot of Tim being seeded a third time. From that angle I pulled out and my cum spurts down right toward you. I stuck my cock back inside his hairy hole, got it soaking wet with his cummy ass juice, and fed it to him ass-to-mouth while fucking his throat balls-deep. I continued to fuck his face and when I came I shot it directly down his throat. Be sure to watch Tim’s adam’s apple as he swallowed my entire load. Afterward I shot some close up footage and had him open his mouth but there wasn’t much cum because most of it want straight down his gullet. What remained I had him swallow. Then I fucked Tim on his back, had him jack his cock. Watching him bust a nut as I nailed his ass put me over and I seeded his hole a fourth time. Pulling out and spinning his butt toward the camera you get another unimpeded view of the cream pie leaking from his hairy twink hole. It was so inviting that I fucked the cum back into him. When I pulled out his ass hole gaped so I reached in and stretched it wide open. Tim pushed out another cum-leaking rose bud. It made me so fucking horny that I finger fucked him with four fingers. A sure way of dumping a final load was to have him lick my nut sack. He sucked on my balls so good that I filled his mouth with cum. He held it in his mouth, played with it a bit, letting some of it stream out for you, and then I told him to swallow. He fake swallowing, holding it his mouth, and you could see it when I had him open his mouth again. That was unacceptable, so I had him swallow for real.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 22:33
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video V8
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 512.6 MB

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