Axel Robotic with Dr. Smith part 1

Dr. Smith is dealing with strategies to transform somebody to an android and chooses he will utilize his next subject Axel. Axel comes in for his typical consultation to deal with a few of his insecurities. Dr. Smith starts the session by waving a pen backward and forward up until he is under and after that commands him to sign a waiver to go through the treatment. Dr. Smith moves him to his laboratory where he makes the most of him and after that begins the surgical treatment. As soon as finished just a plaster shows up and he awakens after Dr. Smith turns the switch at the back of his neck on. Axel states “Axel online and waiting for directions.” Dr. Smith commands him to do different motions to check his abilities (flexing, basing on one foot, patting his head, moving finger to nose, etc).

Dr. Smith then begins to touch his nipples/belly button and all of a sudden you can inform something is incorrect by his ticks. Axel states “unidentified procedure, system overload, battery draining pipes” and closes down. Dr. Smith then publishes a procedure for sexual enjoyment and restarts Axel. Axel states “system upgrade total.” Axel begins to act more human now. Dr. Smith has him eliminate his clothes a piece at a time while he massages his body. Axel states he is delighting in the stimulation. Dr. Smith freezes him and begins to kiss him then turns him back on. Dr. Smith still feels worried about engaging with Axel that method.

Dr. Smith then has him to some tasks around your home in his underwears and after that he begins to decrease to a stop and needs to be plugged back in. While he is laying in bed charging Dr. Smith invests a great deal of time drawing on his toes and having fun with his feet. Likewise takes pleasure in moving his body all around and kissing him all over. Axel returns online and asks how he can be of help. Dr. Smith asks him to begin rubbing his cock as Dr. Smith worships his body sitting, standing, and putting down. Freezing him at various minutes. Then he informs him he wishes to jerk off and orgasm.

Format: mov (QuickTime)
Period: 23: 42
Video: 1920 x1080, AVC (H.264), 9967 kbps
Audio: 305 kbps

Submit size: 1.7 GB

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