WHiggins – Egon Kubalak – Massage – 12-08-2012

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

Egon Kubalak is a truly randy person. In his casting he was hard as he eliminated his underclothing. The very same holds true in this massage shoot. As he gets naked his tough dick flops into view. He finishes a 360 rely on reveal us his ass also prior to climbing up onto the massage table. The maasseur shows up and oils his hands and after that starts to deal with Egon’s back. His hands focus on the shoulders and after that all over the back prior to moving down to Egon’s thick thighs. The legs and feet are rubbed carefully and, as we see in between his legs, Egon’s dick is hard, with a great glossy head. The hands deal with Egon’s ass, squeezing the cheeks and pulling them apart to reveal a great, hairy fracture. Then one hand grabs that tough dick. Egon goes up onto his knees and the hand wanks on that rock tough dick, as the other one rubs all over thehole After leaking some lube on that ass fracture a black dildo appears and is pressed into Egon’s tighthole It moves in and out, carefully as his dick remains rock hard, being wanked. Egon turns over and sets and the masseur grabs his dick once again and wanks it. He develops the speed and quickly Egon shoots a really great, velvety load of orgasm. His dick does not decrease and the masseur continues wanking on that dick for another couple of minutes. It appears that Egon never ever goes soft and after wanking that cock the masseur lets it flop onto Egon’s stubborn belly and leaves him to unwind. What a really randy person Egon is and he provided us a terrific scene.

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