WHiggins – Egon Kubalak – Sensual Solo – 09-08-2012

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

Egon Kubalak is aged 18 and resides in Nymburk. He works as a motor mechanic and in his extra time takes pleasure in automobile racing, biking and running. Egon looks excellent as he stands, for his interview, in simply an open t-shirt and his shorts and boots. Then he kneels on the flooring as somebody else gets in the space. The other individual is a military assisting hand and gets rid of Egon’s t-shirt, advising him to do some rise. As Egon does the rise the assisting hand pulls his shorts down and we see that his dick is currently tough. He is made to continue desire the rise as his ass is trodden on and slapped. He is then enabled to stand, with that dick poking right out. Holding his weapon above his head Egon is then made to do some squats prior to resting on the flooring and doing some stay up. The assisting hand gets rid of Egon’s boots and socks and after that takes some oil and starts to massage his body. Egon’s dick gets completely tough once again as his body is rubbed and the hands stand it up so we get a fantastic view of the inflamed head. The hand then grabs that huge, tough dick and wanks it. Egon raises his legs in the air so we can see his hairy ass fracture and the hands rub over it. The hand truly works over Egon’s dick, and it appears extremely conscious the touch. It’s shortly prior to that dick is prepared to blow and it blows up in an enormous orgasm shot, shooting the orgasm all over his leg. Then it is off to the shower to tidy up.

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