WHiggins – David Mertlik – Sensual Solo – 23-07-2012

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

David Mertlik is aged 25 and resides in Troubky. He works as a driving trainer and delights in sports, physical fitness and football. David reclines on the couch and does a really good interview prior to beginning his program. Then he checks out the electronic camera as he feels his body. He raises his tee t-shirt and we see his nipples, good and company, and some hair on his chest. David gets onto his knees and gets rid of the tee t-shirt so we can see his chest totally and, with his arms in the air we discover that he does not shave his pits like numerous do nowadays. Next David opens his denims, and without any underclothing his dick appears. with his hairy upper body he looks excellent certainly and bdgins to wank on his dick. As he wanks an assisting hand gets here and David lays on the couch, naked, and waits to see what takes place. The assisting hand leaks oil onto David and starts to massage it into his chest and after that his dick and balls. The hand grabs David’s dick and wanks it. The dick gets really difficult and we get a long time to enjoy simply how great it looks prior to David’s legs are raised to expose his ass. As anticipated he has a good hairy fracture and soon a vibrator is pressing into his tighthole It works its method into that hole as David’s dick is still being wanked. The wanking continues apace and quickly David is groaning as he shoot a huge squirty load for us, with the vibrator still deep in hishole David then moves off to the shower to tidy up. He is a really good looking person and an excellent sport, who provided us an excellent video,

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