WHiggins – David Koral – Massage – 26-08-2012

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

David Koral is one terrific looking man. We moved extremely rapidly when he came in for casting and established a solo shoot and after that this massage. He gets naked and reveals us a complete 360 degree view of his fantastic body prior to setting for his massage. The masseur gets here, in simply his underclothing, positions a towel on David’s ass and starts his work. As he straddles David his oiled hands work all over the back. Those relaxing hands move easily over David’s body, moving down to deal with his hairy legs too. Next the hands move under the towel and start dealing with David’s ass. With the towel eliminated we see that attractive ass as the hands squeeze the cheeks and spread them. David goes up onto his knees and the masseur starts to have fun with that ass. The hands likewise grab David’s dick and starts to wank on it some. Leaking some lube into David’s asscrack the masseur then takes a vibrator and teases the ass fracture, slipping it into David’s tighthole A thicker one is then utilized to extend that hole a little. David handles to take it well prior to a go back to the slimmer one, which goes great and deep into thathole David then turns over and puts down on his back, for his chest to be oiled. The masseur grabs David’s dick and wanks it till it gets great and tough. Then the wanking accelerate, working that dick set till the orgasm is fucked out. David shoots his load and lays there as his dick is milked dry to end a charming massage.

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