WHiggins – Daniel Korda – Massage – 19-08-2012

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

Daniel Korda is a great looking person who we welcomed in for a massage. We see him in simply his boxers which he rapidly eliminates and after that reverses to reveal all of himself. He then lays face down waiting for the massage. The masseur, in simply his white briefs, showed up and gets to work. With oil on his hands he starts to massage Daniel’s back. Straddling Daniel his hands develop and down the spinal column, and after that onto the shoulders also. Next the masseur starts dealing with among Daniel’s legs and feet, oiling them extremely well. As the hands work back up the leg they go under the towel covering Daniel’s ass. Squeezing those ass cheeks appears to put all concepts of proceeding to the other leg out of the masseurs head as he focuses on the butt. Reaching down in between Daniel’s leg the masseur feels him up and after that returns to the ass. Lubing it he takes a dildo and presses it into Daniel’s ass. Then Daniel gets up on his knees for more ass play as the masseur likewise gets the dick. He wanks on the dick as the dildo is deep in Daniel’s ass. That action continues for a while as Daniel is taking it effectively. Daniel then turns over, onto his back, with the masseur grabbing the dick once again and wanking it. As he is being wanked Daniel can feel the orgasm developing in his balls up until he can not keep back and shoots a really great load for us. The masseur ensures that he milks all the orgasm out of that dick to end a really great video.

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