WHiggins – Cecil Stok – Sexual Solo – 31-12-2012

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

Cecil Stok is from Prostejov and is aged19 He is a trainee who delights in running, football and playing video game. What a cutie Cecil is. After his inteview he stands and starts to touch his body, through his clothing. Raising the tee-shirts Cecil’s hand feel his body, and his fingers rub his nipples. Then he gets rid of the tee-shirt totally, exposing his chest. His nipples are good and tough, from his playing. Cecil’s hands drop to his crotch, feeling himself. As he opens his denims and presses his underwears down a good, engorged dick is shown. Cecil covers a hand around that thick shaft and begins to wank it. It is rock tough and pokes out from his body, supporting his heavy balls. Cecil kneels on the sofa and reveals his ass, with some fine, downy hair in the fracture. Pressing his dick back in between his legs Cecil continues wanking as his ass relocations, spreading out the cheeks so we can see hishole Turning over Cecil lays on the sofa and begins wanking once again. An assisting hand shows up and leaks some oil on Cecil, then begins to rub it in. The assistant then grabs Cecil’s dick and wanks on it. The dick is rock hard, with a good curve, as it is being wanked. Cecil’s legs are raised to expose his hole once again. A vibrator appears and moves into Cecil’s tight littlehole It fucks in and out extremely well and is then changed by a dildo, which actually extends Cecil’shole With the dildo working his hole and the hand wanking his dick Cecil is quickly all set to shoot his load. As the hand wanks his dick Cecil provides an extremely good load of orgasm. Then the dildo is eliminated from his ass and he goes off to the shower to tidy up after an extremely hot scene.

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