WH – Arny Donan – Massage

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

What a hot, good-looking, hunk Arny Donan is. He came in for a massage, and rapidly disrobe to his underclothing, flaunting a terrific body. He lays on the bed, deal with down, awaiting Ivan to show up and massage him. Ivan takes some oil and solves to deal with Arny’s back. His hands slide all over the back, and as much as the shoulders, working the muscles. Then he moves down to massage Arny’s thick, hairy legs. Ivan gets rid of Arny’s underclothing next and takes more oil to massage into the gorgeous ass. His hands work all over that attractive ass and reach down to the dick and balls. Arny moves onto his knees, and his ass cheeks part perfectly. That hairy fracture is exposed as Ivan’s hands spread out the cheeks, flaunting a tighthole Ivan takes a feel of Arny’s dick and begins wanking it, as he likewise fingers his tighthole With his finger deep in Arny’s ass he wanks set, getting that penis actually hard. Then Ivan moves a vibrator into Arny’s hot hole and keeps wanking on that penis. That gorgeous, ass looks so great as Ivan has fun with it. However Arny turns over and lays on his back, his dick rock hard. Ivan wanks on it and quickly begins to draw it too.

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