Tulsa County Line

Studio: Males of Odyssey

Once again within the 70 s, Joe Gage was chargeable for such cutting-edge homosexual pornography classics as El Paso Wrecking Corp. and Kansas Metropolitan Area Trucking Co. Now, higher than twenty years later on, he has actually made a much-anticipated return with Tulsa County Line. The DVD alternatives higher than a lots names– some veterans, others current faces– nevertheless all have actually been perally selected by the director to exhibit his common manly mannequin appearance. Tulsa County Line follows the exploits of 2 Oklahoma park service deputies– Ja Department and Jake Armstrong. Ja is the additional experienced of the 2, whereas Jake is more recent, additional ignorant. Throughout eventually, they face a selection of virile males. Exploring country roadways, they find sexual intercourse throughout them.Early within the early morning, in a rustic bathroom, Alex Carrington strolls in and discovers Ja taking a leakage. When he’s finished, Ja turns towards him, his erection practically smiling. Department leaves, nevertheless areas an enduring image in Alexs ideas. Alex retreats to a stall the location he can whack off about what he has actually seen. Within the meantime, horsehung Chad Donovan is offered in, and takes out his joint to minimize himself. Alex sees this and leaves, and the lads share a common whipping off. (Neither have actually been really seen in pornography nowadays and its excellent to see them and their event tools once again.) Donovan, particularly, has an obscenely enormous gadget that gushes wonderfully best here.Nearing lunch time, Logan Reeds deliveryman brings a package to Matt Sizemore and Nino Bacci. The package is a video digicam, and once again within, Matt persuades Logan to act as a mannequin. Reluctantly, Logan strips bare, earlier than Nino areas a jockstrap on him, then nestles his meat into his mouth. The 2 then start jacking jointly, earlier than Matt put the recorder and starts to pull his individual salami. Logan supplies Nino a truly short fuck on the sofa, highlighted by Ninos singing groans whereas bottoming, earlier than Nino and Matt drop hundreds on a likely Logan. Reed himself shoots on his furry chest.One other Reed, Mark Reed, appears within the subsequent series, perhaps the most well liked within the video. Reed gos to doctor Clint Cooper for a physical. (Cooper likes uniforms, and appears wonderful right here in his docs equipment.) After informing Mark he remains in good kind, Clint asks Mark to flex over for a prostate assessment, assuring that it wont damage a bit. After Clints finger has actually penetrated his space, Mark turns round and is challenging. Clint declares he isn’t ashamed and to reveal it will get on his knees and licks the boner. Its substantially carefully finished, although, with Clint licking the top. On the other hand, Mark breathes in Coopers penis, taking him down his mouth. Clints delighted dick practically leaks pre-cum into Marks mouth. On the desk, Mark props his butt up and lets Clint rake into it. Its sensual as hell, especially once they alter and Mark beings in Clints thrusting lap. Clint is a pole-driver prime, and the muscular Reed knocks the proper way to handle a cock in his rear.Over the Web, red-haired Christian Owen, sporting a tattoo and a muscular lean body, satisfies Deacon Frost. Frosts cousin Rocky is asleep within the various space, so Owen and Frost whip out their penis and tease every others through web cam. Each males get boners, nevertheless cousin Rocky all of a sudden awakens and strolls in on the movement. Owen sees, and wanks, as Rocky and Deacon draw one another and masturbate. Owen lastly shows to not be alone – a hand connects and pulls his dick to orgasm as properly.Whereas the quicker scenes dealt with Gages manlier males, the following showcases some vibrant entertainers. Jeremy Jordan, Ethan Richards and Derrick Mills have actually found some porno mags upstairs and remain in the lounge rubbing when someone knocks on the door. Its police officer Chad John, on the lookout for his. He glances in and sees what the chaps are as much as and invites himself in. Director Gage utilizes John greater possibly than any person given that Chads return. Chad motivates the lads to continue with what theyve started, then unzips and brings his individual dick out. He flexes Derrick and Ethan over and consumes their asses, earlier than appreciating their abundant more youthful penis. Turning his factor to consider to Jordan, Chad rests on a chair and lets Jeremy relieve down on it. The fuck is a vigorous and beneficial one, nevertheless just as horny is enjoying Jeremy patiently install the penis. After taking Jeremys space, Chad rests on the ground whereas the others cum on him.Companions Ja and Jake stop in a barn since the solar systems, and the novice will get a les from the old-hand. That is Gages quickest and least effective loop, with some quick jacking and slurping earlier than each males achieve untidy hundreds.When darkness falls, Ja and Jack get to a house packed with randy males. Its Alex Carringtons house and Casey Williams, Jeremy Tucker, Sergio Actual, Jack Ryan and Casey Williams, among others, exist. The movement is normally jack-off till Ja, then Jack, get bare and decrease orally on a few of the dicks. Jack Ryan, sans his newest facial hair, manages his ass to Ja, who takes it approximately. After numerous oral setups, the chaps all achieve climax.Tulsa County Line focuses additional on eroticism than pure bang-bang movement, and the video is best for it. His digicam continually swirling round, choosing up the movement, Gage shows to be a grasp director who hasn’t lost his contact.

Format: MPEG
Length: 2: 37: 55
Video: 352 x288, MPEG-1, 1123 kbps
Audio: 218 kbps

Submit measurement: 1. 3 GB

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